Healthy Baby

Make healthy, homemade baby food for pennies on the dollar in the Vitamix TNC. Healthy eating habits for children begin at home.

When it comes to feeding your children, it may seem like there are a dizzying number of rules to follow. Kids need nutrients to grow strong and healthy, but you also have to limit treats and serving sizes so that your child doesn't become overweight and develop health problems down the road.

These two issues can be difficult to juggle. However, Vitamix whole food meals can make them both easier to accomplish.

Increasingly, health advocates, nutritionists and smart parents are fighting fire with fire by presenting healthy foods in ways that children will find fun and appealing.

“Sure a lot of unhealthy foods taste good, but children also choose these foods because they are perceived as ‘fun,’ ” says Jodi Berg, CEO of Vitamix Corporation, a company that has been making kitchen appliances dedicated to healthy eating that's delicious, fun and easy for over 70 years. “Fun is the secret ingredient that can also get kids to choose foods that are good for them.”

Save money and give your baby a healthy start!

If you've decided to prepare your own food for baby, congratulations! By doing so, you're serving up two of life's greatest gifts - good health and delicious food.

When you use your Vitamix machine to make your own baby food, you'll know what's going into your baby's diet and what's not - like preservatives, fillers, extra sodium and sugar!


Gain 100% Nutritional Value

The extreme blade speed of a Vitamix ruptures the plant cell walls of fruit and vegetables – releasing phytonutrients- the disease fighting enzymes found in whole foods. Gain access to vitamins found in the seeds, stem, pulp and fibre. Read more »