30 Sep


Having a snack attack? Don’t worry we’ve got your back … We have put together a list of our favourite go-to snacks to help you fight the fuzzies and satisfy those cravings and that howling hunger.

Once again… Kale has come to the rescue! However, this time we are not blending it… we’re giving it a break and getting things dehydrated! Nothing beats some freshly made Kale chips straight from the food dehydrator.

This months Featured Friend is our wonderful friend Shakti –   an entrepreneur on a mission, always learning and growing each day personally and professionally. Shakti is a qualified holistic chef, superfood and wholefoods recipe formulator, greens superfood

If you are a novice like me and lack a little somewhat in the green thumb department (I once killed my cactus) then you will find Herbs among some of the easier plants to grow at home.

In China, apricots were once called “moons of the faithful” and were thought to enhance women’s fertility. Not only is this orange bombshell a baby makin’ fruit, it’s a member of the Rose Family! How romantic can a piece of fruit get? We’ve had quite a few recipe requests for simple snack ideas that are

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The weather is warming up outside and I have summer fruits on my mind already! Particularly the Cherry… and wow for a little fruit these sweeties sure do boast an abundance of health benefits.

Coconuts we love them because they scream tropical summer holiday and because they smell & taste amazing. We also love them because they give us Coconut Water & Coconut Oil. Two of my all- time favourites … and let me share with you why!

Samantha Gowing is the Dr Seuss of health and nutrition. She has dedication and enthusiasm, knowledge and belief, which is second to none. Renowned for her sharp wit, word play, and sense of humour, she has a wonderful take on life and the way she explains things.

04 Sep

Rawpple Pie!

Who doesn’t love apple pie? Anyone? No one? Thought so 😉 Why not try a super yummy RAW version and say no to the junk food varieties that are stuffed with everything BUT apples.