28 Nov


My friends in the USA are celebrating Thanksgiving today – and while we don’t celebrate this holiday here in Australia, I thought it was the perfect time to encourage all of us all to practice the act of gratitude (same, same but different).

These magical bites are definitely at the top of my list. I make them for EVERYTHING! Last minute guests, dinner parties, snacks when you need a sweet fix and just because I like chocolate.

Pretty, prickly pineapple … tropical, yes. Delicious, check. Amazingly good for you, you bet! So what don’t you know about Pineapple? Here are five fun facts about what the delicious summer season fruit can do for you! Trust me, it will leave you pining for more …

Summer is just around the corner and so is bikini season … Eeep! If you are anything like me – you enjoy food, that is putting it mildly. One of my most favourite foods to eat is pasta! Gulp, yep you heard me, carb loaded, belly bloating pasta.

Hi guys! This has to be my new favourite recipe, my Blueberry & Coconut Smoothie. Today i am going to be making it in the new Vitamix Professional Series 750. This recipes uses fresh coconut water and coconut flesh. Coconut water is full of nutrients and contains 5 essential electrolytes that are present in the

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Cheesy fries, deep fried chicken, fatty cuts of animal protein and Burgers. Sounds like a big night out and a recipe for disaster! Cholesterol cannot travel through the bloodstream alone. It needs a partner in crime which comes in the form of certain proteins.

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Today’s recipe is inspired by Blueberries! This smoothie recipe is sure to please and a great way to reap the benefits of tofu without sitting down to the typical deep fried tofu… Certainly a healthier option.

Oh my berry goodness – bursting with flavour and packed tight with bountiful berry benefits these babies are the perfect sweet treat, amazing in your daily smoothies, an excellent addition to your breakfast superfood bowls, fantastic with desserts and delicious as purees and sweet sauces … what don’t we love about berries?