Vitamix Model Comparison. With a few Vitamix models on the market in Australia we thought it would be a good idea to clear up the differences between the  three  house hold Vitamix Models. Just to make your decision when purchasing one  a little clearer. Which one is for you? Well… all of them really. At

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It’s no secret here in the office that I love all things chocolate. However, nothing is worse than shoving your face with all the processed junk that’s out there! That’s where my “Chocolate Ice Cream” comes in. It’s made with CAROB and I have experimented with my own powdered milk substitute!

Well, as some may already know, I am off to the United States in February and I cannot wait! I’m re-visiting New York City then off to New Orleans to catch Mardis Gras and all its creative glory and then off to watch my circus friends in Vegas.

How you start your day can really determine a successful day of positivity and productivity or a day of deflation and defeat… I know which day I would rather have. But i have to confess … i haven’t always been a morning person.

Hey guys, it’s Tommy here at Raw Blend. Today I’m going to show you how to make my favourite after-workout protein smoothie. It is a really simple recipe for you all.