ANZAC Day (25th April) is a nationwide day of commemoration for Australians and New Zealander’s of the lives lost at war, especially the ANZAC’s (Australian and New Zealand Army Corp) of WWI. The sweet Anzac biscuits that we know and love today are the inspiration for this smoothie recipe.

Hi Guys! Tommy here from Raw Blend and today on the blog I am going to share you with a delicious video recipe, made right here in the Raw Blend kitchen. This recipe is a healthy ice cream using one of my favourite everyday herbs, tarragon.

I love chocolate. I love figs. I have also developed a culinary crush on a certain human who invented this recipe. It’s delicious and a perfect treat for when you want to indulge and impress all of your friends. It’s chewy, raw, delicious and packed with nutrients! And chocolate…

Do you ever hit the gym, leave feeling fantastic and then about an hour later you feel absolutely zapped? Perhaps you’re not giving your body what it needs to repair itself. A post workout snack can help to replenish energy and repair your muscles.

Hi Everyone! It’s Claire here in the Raw Blend Kitchen and today I am going to show you all how to make a refreshing Orange Smoothie using the Vitamix Pro 500. This smoothie is perfect for those hot summer days or even great to give your body a good Vitamin C boost now that Autumn

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Meet Renee Bell. Professional photographer. Mother. Artist. Life + Health Coach. Nutritional Medicine Student. Aromatherapy lover. Dreamer. The girl by her side is her 11year old daughter Liana. Because Renee and Liana believe that every girl needs a role model to look up to, they have created a virtual playspace that encourages creativity, conscious living, gratitude and

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Food can be our medicine and is our greatest natural healer. What we feed our bodies can determine how good we feel on a daily basis. There are all kinds of foods to help heal our bodies and alleviate a lot of unwanted symptoms. You just have to know what is good for what! That’s

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We often get asked the question about why fluoride removal is so important and what is the best way to filter this out of our drinking water. Fluoride was first introduced to Australian drinking water in 1953 in Beaconsfield, Tasmania and today around 90% of Australians drink fluoridated water.