Starting out dehydrating? This dehydrated cookies recipe is perfect for you! It’s spicy and the perfect treat for when you want to make something a little different. Great for Halloween too…

Are green smoothies good for dogs? We get this question a lot and it’s important to take note of foods that are suitable for your little puppo and foods that aren’t. Also, all dogs are very different so make sure you take your fur baby to your local vet and have them checked.

G’day guys! Tommy here in the Raw Blend kitchen and today I will be making for you my brand new Green Smoothie Madness Recipe. This smoothie recipe is so NEW that I don’t even know what I’m putting in it yet! It’s all about filling your Vitamix with green goodness. 

Our Vitamix Recipes database is certainly extensive and it’s hard to choose which ones to make. That’s why we have compiled some staples for everyone to learn and try out.