G’day guys! Tommy here from Raw Blend! Today I’m going to make for you a brand new recipe. This is my Heart Smart Juice which I’m going to be making in the Greenstar Elite Juicer by Tribest. I absolutely love using this juicer so I’m going to show you how it works 

Hey guys it’s Tommy here from Raw Blend. It’s been a while in between videos sorry. I actually recorded a whole bunch of videos for you about three months ago but my memory card crashed and then I broke my hand so I haven’t been able to film anything for a while so it’s great

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G’day guys Tommy here at Raw Blend. I’m going to make for you a brand new recipe great for entertaining. This is my new eggplant dip or an aubergine dip depending on where you come from. So today I’m using the new Vitamix Professional Series 300 model which is fast becoming my favourite.