They’re simply that. They’re dehydrated. Made predominately out of almonds and they’re cookies. You can melt chocolate on top and BAM! They are delicious and so easy to make. Got any left over pulp from an almond milk recipe? Then… this creation is for you! 

Hi Everyone! Claire here from Raw Blend. Today I am going to be making for you a scrumptious recipe in the Sedona Combo Raw Food dehydrator. It’s a delicious Eggplant Jerky which is the perfect alternative to any beef or turkey jerky that you are making. 

On my recent trip around the Internet food world I discovered this recipe and couldn’t help but try it out. A healthy Coconut Chocolate recipe that’s kept in the fridge! I don’t know about you all but I love cold chocolate. Especially in this heat. I also just love Chocolate. 

Hey Guys! Tommy here from Raw Blend. Today I am going to make for you a delicious smoothie recipe. It’s called my Lush Summer Smoothie and is the perfect treat for when you are feeling thirsty and like something sweet. Cheers!

I’ve read around and spoken to a few people who are swearing by drinking celery juice for gut health. This appealed to me as recently my stomach has been out of sorts from a recent work trip to Thailand. I’ve tried drinking it the past two mornings and can certainly say it’s calmed my stomach

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