Delicious and creamy and oh so decadent! This coconut cashew butter is super tasty even just on it’s own! Better yet… freeze some into round bites and then coat them in melted chocolate and freeze again. You’ll thank us later. 

The weather is certainly calling for it and we are loving the taste of this Refresher Juice. Beautiful and fresh ingredients juiced with ease using the Green Star Elite Cold Press / Masticating juicer. Th Greenstar Elite and Greenstar Pro Juicers are perfect for tackling greens and sinewy vegetables. 

It’s here and to say we are excited is an understatement! The Greenstar Pro Masticating / Cold Press Juicer is all we ever wanted it to be and more. We’re blending enthusiasts here at Raw Blend however, more and more we’re welcoming the amazing benefits of juicing into our daily routines. 

Celery Juice. Everyone is getting on the Celery Juice wagon and we don’t blame them! It’s so good for you and when consumed on an empty stomach first thing in the morning your tummy is going to love you for it!