Now. I have a confession to make. Does anyone remember those Wonka Strawberry Twizzlers?? I do. I was obsessed and could eat hundreds in one sitting. Especially when I was a professional dancer back in the day. I cringe at the amount of crap I was putting into my body. 

A super simple and refreshing recipe showcasing how amazing the Greenstar Elite Juicer is. It’s simply just cucumber but feel free to add in any other ingredients that you want. Lemon would be delicious and even a little bit of mint! These recipes are to show you how the Greenstar handles certain fruits and vegetables. 

The perfect recipe for those who are dairy intolerant or Vegan. This Cashew Mylk is creamy and a delicious and nutritious alternative. You can add more sweetener if you like and take it on the go with you! 

A simple way to use up bulk garlic that’s sitting in your kitchen! Just dehydrate your bulbs until they are completely dry and then whizz them up in your 225ml Vitamix blending cup. 

Delicious. Bright. Beautiful. That’s how you’ll be feeling after this smoothie creation! We love adding Basil into our smoothies regularly. Have you tried any other herbs in your smoothie creations?