I scream! You scream! We all scream for Ice Cream! Delicious. Decadent. Cooling. Sweet and VEGAN! Don’t wait any longer to give this one a go! If you’re not into Cacao you could use Carob Powder or Cocoa Powder. It’s totally up to you and your taste buds! 

You’d be silly not to try this recipe! It’s so easy to make! A delicious chunky texture and Vegan! Imagine how nice this will look displayed on your next feasting table with your family and friends! Always good to have vegan options at hand! 

One way to get fussy eaters to eat vegetables is to hide them in delicious recipes just like this one! The colour of this creation is amazing which just proves it’s overflowing with minerals and vitamins and immunity support! 

Entering the high powered blender market can be a daunting task however, it doesn’t have to be a huge mission! There are a bunch of different models and series on the market but if you don’t have much of a budget and want to keep things simple we are here to help! 

Simple. Crispy and just plain delicious! The beauty with Kale is that it really holds onto anything you marinate it in! This is a delicious change from Cheesy Kale chips. Definitely give this recipe a go in your dehydrator! 

It’s always hard to get the little ones to eat / drink their greens so just tell them this is the Incredible Hulk Juice and see if they give it a go… It’s actually quite delicious and super healthy and hydrating! Give it a go! If they don’t like it? There’s more for you! 

The perfect soup for when you’re wanting something comforting and cheap to make! Not to mention simple! All you have to do is chuck all ingredients into your blenders and start it up! How simple is that? 

This recipe is an absolute showstopper and the best thing about it is that you know exactly what you’re putting in! No hidden nasties! They look beautiful and perfect for any festive occasion with important guests. Try these… you won’t be disappointed.