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Be Kind to your Kidneys

Our kidneys work hard 24/7 to keep us healthy and functioning at our best, so it’s important to give them a little break from time to time and consume foods that are a little gentler on the kidney’s work load. Especially after a holiday season blow out of delicious feasts, desserts, glorious platters and some very merry beverages! Continue reading

Featured Friend Interview: Therese Kerr

Last month we introduced you to Therese Kerr, mum of Miranda and Matthew Kerr, a Visionary, Public Speaker, Author and advocate for holistic family health.

Therese takes a holistic approach to life. Not only does she create her amazing Divine By Therese Kerr range of certified organic personal care, soon to be released certified organic mens, baby and hair care products (big things happening in 2015) but she also lives and breaths health in every aspect and is a big supporter of our Raw Blend and Vitamix which you know we love. Continue reading

Video Blog:
Blueberry & Coconut Smoothie

Hi guys! This has to be my new favourite recipe, my Blueberry & Coconut Smoothie. Today i am going to be making it in the new Vitamix Professional Series 750.

This recipes uses fresh coconut water and coconut flesh. Coconut water is full of nutrients and contains 5 essential electrolytes that are present in the human body Continue reading

Video Blog: Kiwi Aloe Smoothie

Aloe Aloe! Today i am going to make you a Kiwi Aloe Smoothie. Aloe Vera is so, so good for you, it is medicinal, alkalising and is great for detoxifying the body. I am also using in this recipe Kiwi fruit (obviously by the title) and it is really nutritious, great for lowering blood pressure and reducing heart disease. So follow along and try this delicious and nutritious recipe at home. Continue reading