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Monthly Guest Blog: Kavisha Jega

Kavisha is a Food and Wellness Coach holding a Masters degree in Wellness. With expertise in holistic nutrition, preventative medicine and corporate wellness, Kavisha has taken her knowledge, personal experience and passion for wellness to develop comprehensive healthy eating programs and educational cooking classes and seminars to help you transform your diet and overall health for the better. Continue reading

Post Workout Smoothie

It’s time to pump up the jam, pump it up! I love nothing more than rocking the earphones, listening to some wicked tunes and letting my body move! It’s refreshing and important to get the body exercising so we can condition it to be ready for whatever you throw at it. We also have to keep our bones and muscles in tip top shape for when we get older and wiser and don’t forget that physical exercise does keep the mind healthy too! Continue reading

Goodnight Goodness Smoothie


It’s one of the most important things that our body needs to function.


When most of us think of sleep we believe it’s a time where our body shuts down and our minds are at rest. This is certainly not the case! Sleep is quite an active period where a lot of processing, restoration and strengthening occurs… and if you’re like me… some pretty crazy dreams. Continue reading