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Monthly Guest Blog: Kavisha Jega

Kavisha is a Food and Wellness Coach holding a Masters degree in Wellness. With expertise in holistic nutrition, preventative medicine and corporate wellness, Kavisha has taken her knowledge, personal experience and passion for wellness to develop comprehensive healthy eating programs and educational cooking classes and seminars to help you transform your diet and overall health for the better. Continue reading

3 Warming Juice Recipes.

Juices and Smoothies are always a fantastic way to get a good hit of nutrients however, they aren’t as appealing in the cooler months and some people can’t stomach a lot of cold foods if they have a Spleen Qi Deficiency. Don’t lose faith! You can still enjoy some jovial juice recipes!

If you’re still wanting to include some juices in your diet here are a few warming recipes to help give your body a quick and nourishing boost! Continue reading