Video Blog – How to make Almond Butter in the Greenstar Elite Juicer

You’ve seen us make Nut Butters in the Vitamix so now it’s time to showcase how it’s done in the Greenstar Elite Juicer. It’s super simple and a great way to save money! Some of the pre-made store bought nut butters can be very expensive. 

Almond Butter in The Greenstar Elite Juicer 

Submitted by Tommy @Team Raw Blend
Makes – 500ml
Serves – 2+



  • roasted almonds
  • coconut oil (melted)


  1. Use the blank screen and turn your juicer on.
  2. Feed the almonds and oil into the juicer chute. Use juicer tamper to push the almonds through.
  3. Once nut butter is made, store in a sealed jar in the fridge.


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