Celebrities Love Their Vitamix Too!
14 Jul

Celebrities Love Their Vitamix Too!

What do Zac Effron, Penelope Cruz & Meghan Markle all have in common? Nope – they haven’t all dated Prince Harry … but it’s almost as impressive. They ALL own a VITAMIX and they ALL LOVE their VITAMIX. Can I get a whoop, whoop?

Yep, that’s right lovers. Big names in show business use everyday products like you and me. I mean, if you own a Vitamix you know it’s no ordinary blender and it can do extraordinary things. Right? But when busy, successful, healthy looking specimens such as these that have access to the worlds best of the best take time out of their crazy life to tweet, post or gush over our favourite machine you know you’re doing something right and we couldn’t be more delighted.

For years our Raw Blend Family have been travelling around Australia showing you what Vitamix can do for you and how you can create ‘A Healthy Mix for Life’ at home, everyday with this amazing blender. That you can be a happier, healthier version of yourself from the inside out. We have blasted it to you over You Tube, Facey, Insta, Twitters, Pinterest! You name it, we have been sharing with you the secrets to how simple living a healthy life can be and now we have a brag list of some pretty impressive people that can testify we ain’t no story tellers. Check out the impressive list of celebrities that love their Vitamix below!

Happy Blending!

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