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Open Your Own Smoothie Bar at Home with a Cold Press Juicer

Smoothies are a yummy and fun way to drink your fruits and vegetables, but be careful not to assume that every smoothie you come across is going to be healthy for you. You can buy smoothies from a huge number of places these days, but always check the ingredients first. Most of the time you’ll see that they’re packed with sugar and artificial ingredients, which defeats the purpose entirely. Sorry to break it to you, but consuming piles of sugar alongside your kale is going to do more harm than good. However, there’s still an excellent way to drink smoothies without going through all that nonsense.

Try using a cold press juicer to make your own natural juices for smoothies, shakes, or just to drink on their own. Having a cold press juicer in your home effectively eliminates the need to go out and spend money on so-called “healthy” drinks that may actually be getting in the way of your health. There are many juicers available these days, but one of the absolute best is probably the Cold Press Raw Juicer 5000, available from Raw Blend. One of the world’s slowest slow juicers, it’s an incredibly effective way to extract every single ounce of nutrition from your fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass, nuts, and even tofu.


Contact Raw Blend today and ask about the juicers that we sell. We’ll be happy to give you details on all of our models and to answer your questions. With 20 years of experience distributing high quality juicers, blenders, and other appliances for the natural foods market, we know we’ll be able to help you find something you and your body will love.


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