Creating The Perfect Smoothie
12 Jun

Creating The Perfect Smoothie

Smoothies are the perfect way of getting a well-rounded meal at the press of a button! They’re simple to make and can be very nutritious if you add in the right ingredients. They’re also perfect for when you can’t chew solids and need a hit of goodness. 

We highly recommend investing in a high quality, high powered blender like the Vitamix to get a smooth(ie) result.

Not only are smoothies the perfect way for getting a good dose of water-soluble vitamins, they are a clever way to hide greens and vegetables for those fussy eaters in your life.

Here are some rules to follow when creating your smoothie recipes.

  1. Be careful with the ingredients you choose and how much etc. If you go overboard you could be guzzling down a days worth of calories which isn’t ideal for weight loss (if that’s your goal). Try and visualise all your ingredients on a plate. That way, you can say whether or not it’s way too much food or too much of a certain ingredient.
  2. Always choose a liquid base for your smoothie. Be careful to look for any hidden sugars though for example in sweetened almond milks etc. Always choose unsweetened nut milk options and ones fortified with calcium. Water is a good one however it will mellow the taste down and adding coconut water will give you some extra flavour and electrolytes.
  3. Thickeners are a great way to give your smoothie that real, decadent smoothie consistency. Natural yoghurt or coconut yoghurt are a great thickener or even a soft, silken tofu. Most of these thickeners contain healthy fats and protein so they really help fill you up. Nut butters and protein powders are another great thickener but be weary again with hidden sugars and additives.
  4. Adding veggies can make it delicious! Even if you’re a fan of super sweet fruit smoothies. Kale and Spinach are great if you’re starting off as a newbie. They have quite a mild taste and don’t over power your smoothie. To bump it up a notch try adding some roasted beetroot. Roasted beetroot is a little sweeter than raw beetroot and adds a great nutritious hit. If you have a any fruits or veggies that are about to turn, store them in the freezer to preserve them and add them to your smoothies when needed.
  5. If you’re a texture person and love something crunchy add some crushed walnuts, chia seeds, almonds or hemp seeds on the top. You’re getting a good dose of healthy fats and plant proteins which fills you up for longer.

Creating the perfect smoothie

We have a huge list of smoothie recipes to try in our recipe section on the website so make sure you check them our for inspiration. If you’re needing a new high powered blender get in touch with us here at Raw Blend today!

Happy Blending!

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