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EcoVessel Reviews

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Read what some of our customers had to say after making the decision to purchase EcoVessel.

5 star rating

I use it everday

I use my Eco Vessel EVERYDAY! It’s the best addition to my busy lifestyle. It has the greatest feature of keeping drinks hot and cold and that is a godsend when it comes to tennis matches. I am able to fill up my water bottle with ice cold, refreshing water and have it sit there while I play tennis in the scorching heat. It stays cold. Like, seriously sitting in the heat will not affect the temperature of my water, which usually always has to be cold because I am sweating 24/7 out on the tennis court no matter what the temperature! Haha.

Posted by By Lara Tupper (Junior Australian Tennis Player)

5 star rating

Cold water every time

Water in the bottle stays cold. I work in the heat and hate hot water in my normal bottle. This is a great product. Water stays cold for hours with a few ice cubes. My kids ask for my bottle as it’s so nice to drink out of compared to normal bottles. My Sigg Bottle is going into storage.

Posted by By Eamon O'Frady, Australia

5 star rating

Testament to a great product

Travelling by traditional means across Mongolia on horseback meant that all of our equipment was subjected to the well documented environmental extremes found on the Eurasian Steppe. Our 2,000km journey included the crossing of hot deserts and cold mountain passes and for the whole time our Big Foot Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles were with us. Water is not something to be taken for granted on a mission such as ours and for this we were grateful that our supply was protected with the top quality, stainless steel design of the Eco Vessel. Leaks weren't a problem and for weeks on end we boiled water in the morning and stored in our Big Foot Bottles for use later on the in the day despite sub zero temperatures. After 5 months on horseback our Big Foot Bottles still looked new, testament to a great product.  

On a side note, on the way to Mongolia we spent days on the Trans Siberian where boiling water was available. Storing the water in the BIGFOOT Bottles with the lids off for drinking use was great but we were getting deadset frustrated with how long it was taking for the contents to cool. Haha!

Posted by Nic & Donna Cuthbert (Blue Sky Walkabout) Australia

5 star rating

The Boss, what can I say - this thing is absolutely mental.

The Boss, what can I say - this thing is absolutely mental. It's large, it's hefty - and it's incredibly well insulated.

If you fill it with ice, you're going to actually run out of water multiple times before your ice supply starts dwindling. My favourite use for this so far is throwing a straw lid on and having an Xbox marathon where I don't have to move for hours because I have 1.9L of ice cold deliciousness within reach.

Another great use for the Boss is camping / picnicking - instead of taking a couple small bottles each, you can grab the Boss and either drink or pour from it all day!

Posted by Nathan Ryan, Brisbane Australia

5 star rating

Very Happy

I’m very happy with my Eco Vessel. I took it down to the beach the other day when it was 38 degrees and my drink stayed nice and cool add day long.

Posted by By Space Walk Traveller, Australia

5 star rating

Love this water bottle

As stated it keeps cold liquids very cold for a really long time... I am recommending it to all my friends.

Posted by By Lynne Mendel, Australia


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