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Food For Kids Recipes

Kids are picky eaters, but with our kid tested & approved recipes we have stacks of healthy & tasty recipes that are sure to please even the pickiest child. Banana Fruit Rolls make a perfect snack, move on to Raw Rainbow Rolls and finish the day with Vanilla Caramel Ice Cream.

'Cheesy' Kale Chips
Blog Recipe

Makes: 1.5 cups 'Cheesy' sauce
Serves: 2-4

Almond Butter in a Juicer
Video Recipe

Makes: 500ml
Serves: 2+

Almond Chia Choc Cookies

Makes: about 10
Serves: 1-2

Almond Milk in a Juicer
Video Recipe

Makes: 1L
Serves: 2+

Apple Pie Smoothie
Blog Recipe

Makes: 750ml
Serves: 1-2

Asian Mushroom and Kelp Noodle Rice Paper Rolls
www.putiapurefood.com.au/ | Blog Recipe

Makes: 10 rolls
Serves: 6-8 people

Avocado Chocolate Truffles
Video Recipe

Makes: 400ml
Serves: 4-8

Banana Chips Recipe

Makes: as many as you desire
Serves: 4-12

Banango Fruit Rolls

Makes: 4 medium rolls
Serves: 1-4

Beet Berry Burst
Video Recipe

Makes: about 2L
Serves: 4

Berry Coconut Chia Breakfast
Blog Recipe

Makes: 1
Serves: 1

Blue Basil Beet Smoothie
Video Recipe

Makes: 1L
Serves: 2-4

Blueberry, Ginger and Vanilla Smoothie
Video Recipe

Makes: 750ml - 1L
Serves: 2 - 4

Brown Rice Milk
Video Recipe

Makes: 1-1.5L
Serves: 2-6

Butter Berry Smoothie
Blog Recipe

Makes: 500ml
Serves: 2

Cacao Bliss Balls
Video Recipe | Blog Recipe

Makes: about 15
Serves: 8-10

Caramel Slice

Makes: 1 large slice
Serves: 6-10

Chai Macadamia Nuts

Makes: 4 cups
Serves: 5-10

Cheeky Monkey Baby Food
Video Recipe

Makes: 1 cup (250ml)
Serves: 1-2

Chia Seed Pudding
Blog Recipe

Makes: about 3 cups
Serves: 2-3

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