Introducing the Vitamix Explorian Series E310
22 Oct

Introducing the Vitamix Explorian Series E310

Entering the high powered blender market can be a daunting task however, it doesn’t have to be a huge mission! There are a bunch of different models and series on the market but if you don’t have much of a budget and want to keep things simple we are here to help! 

Look no further than the Vitamix Explorian Series E310! It’s compact, packs a punch and doesn’t break the budget. In fact, if you wanted to you could use Zippay or Afterpay to help pay off this incredible machine. It’s an investment worth making.

What are the specifications? 

Platform: Explorian
Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 46 cm.
HP: 2.0
Electrical Ratings: 240 V
Weight: 4.76 kg
Design Feature: Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system
Cord: 1.37 m
Use: Household
Manufacturer: Vitamix – Cleveland, Ohio USA

What are the main differences between the Vitamix Explorian and the Vitamix TNC 5200? 

  1. Vitamix TNC 5200 – 7 year warranty
    Explorian E310 – 5 year warranty
  2. Vitamix TNC 5200 – Tall 2L Wet Container
    Explorian E310 –  Shorter 1.4L Wet Container.

If you’re wanting to get a smaller or bigger jug for the explorian the following containers are compatible –

  • 0.9L Wet Container
  • 0.9L Dry Container
  • Tall, Classic 2L Wet Container.

Please note that the 225ml blending bowl and 600ml blending cup will not work with this model as they are only compatible with the Ascent series.

What are the main differences between the Explorian E310 and the Ascent Series 2300i? 

  1. Explorian E310 – 2HP motor
    Ascent 2300i – 2.3HP motor
  2. Explorian E310 – 5 year warranty
    Ascent 2300i – 10 year warranty
  3. Explorian E310 – No Digital Timers
    Ascent 2300i – Digital Timer
  4. Explorian E310 – No self detect technology
    Ascent 2300i – Self detect technology
  5. Explorian E310 – Compatible container – 0.9L Wet Container + 0.9L Dry Container + 1.4L Wet Container + 2L Class Wet Container
    Ascent Series 2300i – Compatible containers – 225ml blending bowl + 600ml blending cup + 2L Low Profile wet container

The Explorian E310 is available in two colours – Black or White and comes with it’s own Recipe Cook Book.

For more information check out the Owners Manual and sit back, relax and enjoy the film!


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