Monthly Guest Blog:  The Merrymaker Sisters
14 Aug

Monthly Guest Blog: The Merrymaker Sisters

Meet Emma and Carla Papas also known as The Merrymaker Sisters.

They are authors, holistic health coaches, paleo recipe developers and social media nerds! Passionate about sharing the benefits of the paleo lifestyle and ways to live happier and healthier. On the Merrymaker Hub Emma and Carla share original recipes, nutritional information and wellbeing advice. With the belief that each and every person is here to make a positive difference, they love to inspire others to find their bliss and follow it!

That’s why we are so excited that The Merrymaker Sisters have agreed to be our first Guest Bloggers. Yay! Each month we will be featuring a blog from other like minded health and wellness rock stars to help inspire, motivated and spread the message about a Healthy Mix For Life.

This dynamic duo is guaranteed to light a spark inside and help kick start your own health and wellness journey by sharing their own story and philosophy,  helping you to feel merry inside & out!

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We Used to think health was about losing weight, eating less and exercising more.

When we used to think about ‘health’ we’d think about losing weight, eating less and doing more exercise. Through our journey and studies we’ve realised that there’s a lot more to it.

We believe it’s not a journey to health, it’s a journey of our best health and our most favourite message to send out to the world is…to do what works for you and what makes you feel good.

This message aligns perfectly with the term Bio-individuality. That everyone is a little different and the food that might make you thrive could be poison for another. We picked this up from our Health Coaching studies at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Interested in becoming a Health Coach yourself? Read about our experience here.

Since mid 2012 we’ve changed our lives dramatically. We’ve made changes to create better, healthier, happier versions of ourselves but it wasn’t an overnight job!

We’ve broken our journey down in to five significant areas of positive change…

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Food and Water

We follow a paleo lifestyle and share all of our original recipes on our Merrymaker Hub. The reason we do is because we feel about a billion times better than we used to. This was a huge journey in itself, we made mistakes (lots!) but this is how we worked out what suited our bodies best. We can’t recommend enough to just try new foods, get in the kitchen and experiment. If you’re interested in paleo, we have a whole ‘go paleo’ section on our hub here! As for water, our bodies are 70% water, so this means we need to drink it! We drink 2-3 litres a day (when you have a Vitamix drinking this much water is easy, we add water to all our smoothies, soups and other yummies!).


We’ve always been active but now we ensure our exercise is FUN! This way exercise never feels like a chore. We like to get active every day, our exercise regime changes and again it’s important to do what works for you and what makes you feel good! No matter what it is… get moving! It could be yoga, walking, CrossFit or running! Moving is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you feel great afterwards. Virtual high fives to all of us!


#FollowYourBliss To us, this means to find what you love to do and make a career out of it! This is what we’re doing with – it’s exciting to know that we created The Merrymaker Sisters and now merrymaking is our full time job! Our most favourite and fulfilling bit about Merrymakers is that we get to give back to our community, whether it be a recipe, inspiration or an amazing giveaway! One of our many mantras that helped us to get to this point is: what you focus on grows!

So focus on your bliss and watch it blossom!

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We put a major focus on detoxing the negative relationships and welcoming positive amazing people in to our lives. Yes we have less people in our lives but we truly believe it’s quality over quantity. When you surround yourself with people who give good energy rather than take, watch your world transform.


 This isn’t last because it’s the least important… NO WAY! It’s one of the most recent changes we’ve made to our lives and oh boy are we awake now! We’ve gone from complete non-believers in anything (except clothes and ‘things’) to becoming open to the amazingness around us.

As we embark on project: #fulltimemerrymakers we’re excited to welcome even more changes. There’s no end to this journey, we’re always ready to embrace new learnings, ideas and ways to live healthier and happier lives.

We’d love to hear about your journey, come and say hi!

Always merrymaking,

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