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Raw Juicer 5000

The Raw Juicer 5000 was discontinued as of 2019. 

Product Description

Introducing our NEW 'Raw Juicer 5000!' - a premium quality Cold Press Slow Juice Extractor. Raw Blend has teamed up with some of the world's most experienced, reputable slow juicer manufactures to launch the revolutionary Raw Juicer 5000, one of the world's slowest slow juicers.

raw juicer 5000

In the amazing NEW Raw Juicer 5000 you can create:

  • Fruit Juices - easily juice anything from a soft berry to a hard apple, creating a nutritious drink with 35% more juice than conventional juicers.
  • Vegetable & Green Juices - the slow squeeze process of the Raw Juicer 5000 will slowly juice hard vegetables and leafy greens in seconds maintaining maximum living nutrients and enzymes, just chop them and away you go.
  • Wheatgrass - aloe leaves, pine needles and other medical herbs can be juiced with ease using the slow squeeze process of the Raw Juicer 5000, when you follow the simple preparation steps.
  • Nut Milks - create delicious Nut Milks. Soak overnight: almonds, pistachios, Brazil Nuts plus more. Then combine with water in your Raw Juicer 5000 for nutritionally fresh nut milk.
  • Ice Cream from frozen fruits - you can quickly turn your favourite fruits into a fat free, preservative free, beautiful guilt-free bowl of ice cream.
  • Soy Milk - the Raw Juicer 5000 can replace a traditional soy milk machine as the slow squeeze process can extract milk from soaked soybeans in seconds.
  • Nut Butters - perfect for making fresh, healthy nut butters.
  • Baby Food - the Raw Juicer 5000 can make healthy food for your baby, juicing fruits and vegetables into either a tasty juice or a healthy pudding full of nutrients and minerals.
  • Tofu - you can now make your own fresh home made tofu.

The Raw Juicer 5000 is a premium quality juicer extractor designed to deliver maximum nutrition to our customers. With the Raw Juicer 5000 you can enjoy a wide variety of nutrient dense juice along with the following benefits:

  • The ability to juice greens, herbs and grasses (with a high yield)bpa-free.png
  • Juicing fruits and vegetables including soft and hard varieties
  • Slow Squeeze, to produce a superior enzyme and nutrient content juice
  • Low speed (rpm), to minimise oxidation and produce a longer lasting juice
  • Upright design allows gravity to assist in the juicing process
  • Juice tap to reduce froth and foaming
  • Less waste then centrifugal juicers
  • Child friendly with no sharp blades
  • Space saving design
  • Auto pulp ejection for continuous automatic juicing
  • Built in reverse function eliminates clogging for continuous juicing
  • Easier to clean than most juicers with only 5 parts
  • Low noise

Released on January 15th 2015. BUY NOW!


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