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Tribest Corporation based in Anaheim, California USA, has a long 30 year reputation of making high quality appliances for healthy lifestyles. Tribest is an innovative leader in the Juice Extractor, Food Dehydrator, and Sprouter business and continues to bring new health products to market, with the health and wellness of their customers in mind. Some of their most renowned products include the Green Star Elite Juicer and Sedona Rawfood Dehydrators. Tribest products make healthy living easy.

Worlwide Reputation

Tribest brands are sold and recognized worldwide and thier products have gained a solid reputation of providing the latest developments in natural health. Tribest Greenstar juice extractors are reputably the world’s finest juicers, and continue to win numerous international awards. The Tribest Personal Blender was also the first of its type to enter into the United States market and has started the emergence of a new kitchen electrics subcategory – the single serving blender. Tribest continually introduces new products internationally that deliver uncompromising quality and new levels of performance.

Tribest Products


Tribest Australia is here to provide you with quality products that will energize your life! We believe that everyone should have the right and be empowered to make healthy living decisions. All of the products we carry help to make healthy living easy. We have carefully chosen all of the products that we carry to make sure that you have the latest innovations and best products to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sedona Dehydrators

Sedona Dehydrators are high quality food dehydrators with innovative features and technology, designed in California USA. Sedona Dehydrators have the ability to dehydrate up to 11 trays of delicious food at once. With its simple clean operation, energy efficiency, quiet fans and digital temperature control, even first time users will be able to make an array of delicious dehydrated foods with ease.

We offer a range of Sedona Dehydrators that feature BPA FREE plastic or stainless steel trays, from the original Sedona Classic to the new compact Sedona Express, we have the perfect Dehydrator for your healthy kitchen. We also offer a range of accessories including Silicone and Teflon Drying Sheets, Rawesome Creations Drying Templates and Dehydrator Recipe Books.

Greenstar Elite Juicers

The award-winning Greenstar Elite Juicer is reputably one of the world’s best juice extractors. Featuring revolutionary advanced jumbo twin gears with bioceramic and magnetic technology, Greenstar offers the highest yield and maximum nutrition from your produce. Now available in Chrome, the Greenstar Elite is the ideal juicer for any modern kitchen.

The Greenstar Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juicer by Tribest is a newly-modernized version of the original Green Star juicer. It is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the full health benefits of juicing, whether they are new to juicing or an old hand. With a design inspired by nature’s own masticating system, human teeth, Green Star Elite’s jumbo twin gears perfectly mimic the way that your own teeth break down food. The juicer does all the work so that you can take in all the nutrients and enzymes without wasting any energy of your own.

Freshlife Sprouters

Sprouts and microgreens are more than just a pretty garnish for an elegant dish; they can and should be an important part of your diet. Whether you love to use bean sprouts, radish sprouts, or any other kind as a salad ingredient, sandwich topper, or as a snack, some people just can't get enough of them. Why not? They're full of many times more vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients as their adult counterparts. As science continues to explore the nutritional benefits of consuming sprouts, though, you might be tired of continually buying more sprouts from the store. Why not buy a Freshlife sprouter and grow your own at home?

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