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Water Filters

Our new range of 'Waters Co.' bio mineral filters are here!
 The most cost effective way to have filtered, ionised and
alkalised water in your home.

Taking steps to improve your health with good nutrition such as green smoothies and superfood supplements is a great idea... all of us here at Raw Blend would agree with that! However many people either forget about, or are simply not aware how important it is to drink healthy water too.

Food is only half the battle!

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to have filtered, ionised, alkalised drinking water at home. Our new range of Waters Co bio mineral water filters don't just filter out contaminants from tap water such as chlorine and fluoride. Through the use of magnets & bio-mineral filter technology, Waters Co filters ionise and alkalise your tap water.

For a fraction of the cost of other systems, (such as expensive ionisers or bottled water) you can have top quality drinking water in you own home. And for when you are on the move, Waters Co. have also developed portable systems so you never have to drink polluted acidifying tap water ever again!

Give your body the alkaline hydration it deserves – anytime, anywhere! View our range of water filters including the Waterman (the unique portable solution to safe drinking water). 

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