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5 star ratingI have had such a great experience with Raw Blend.

I bought a Vitamix online through raw blend about 8 months ago. I remember being surprised at the quick delivery. I ordered it at 2 pm and it was delivered at 11 am the next day. I started off trying a few recipes and was surprised how good simple things could taste so much better like homus. I juice everyday lemon to kick start and a green to have with my lunch. I have experienced great customer service from raw blend. One Saturday while blending some very solid veges beetroot sweet potatoe and the like my vitamix stopped. I posted. message to raw blend with a query and within the hour a lovely girl had called on my mobile to explain how to press the reset button under my machine. So five stars to you all. Thanks for the lovely recipes and videos they are great and very helpfull.

Posted by Allison Elliot on 4th May 2014

5 star rating

You guys are seriously amazing! 

I ordered my vitamix exactly 24hrs ago and it's just arrived! Super impressive  Thanks so much, can't wait to start using it!  

Posted by Nikki Mallam on 1st May 2014

5 star rating

Extremely happy with the service Raw Blend provides

This is my second Vitamix purchase. My first Vitamix purchase was in 2013 and it's great to see consistency in service 4 years on. Tommy and Clare were superstars in making sure I was looked after. I have been so happy, that I have told my friends to only go through to Raw Blend if they ever need a Vitamix!!

Posted by Jonathan Chan 14th April 2017

5 star rating

These guys are by far the best Vitamix distributors in the country

They offer competitive pricing and promotions, their communication with customers is fast and helpful, they are able to tailor packages and help me with everything! Received my Vitamix within 48 hours after purchasing also! I shouldnt have put off buying one for so long.

Posted by Victor Mourad on 17th July 2016

5 star rating

Great juicer from a great company

There are a lot of juicers on the market, and to be honest, there are newer generation cold press slow juicers that run at lower RPMs now than the Raw Juicer 5000. At 65RPM, the RJ5000 is still quite slow and very suitable to extract a lot of juice from most all fruits and veges. I own a Vitamix and simply love it, but decided to grab this juicer as a few of my kids prefer thinner juice style drinks over blended smoothies that the Vitamix excels at producing. The very first juice I made with the RJ5000 was a pure orange juice (at the kids' request) and I must say, it was the best Orange Juice I have tasted in my life. So sweet and fresh and aside from preparing the fruit (took about 10 minutes to de-skin a good dozen or so oranges and quarter them ready to juice. The actual juicing took about a minute and produced about 1500ml (1.5L of juice). I chose to buy this particular juicer in large part to support a great health food and lifestyle company which is Raw Blend. I love my Vitamix and recently also purchased the Sedona dehydrator. The staff are extremely friendly, very knowledgeable and helpful, plus I know that should I have any product issues or warranty claims, they will be handled efficiently, and more importantly, locally!

Posted by Dean on 16th July 2015

5 star rating

Was very fortunate to discover Raw Blend on Youtube

The recipes are exceptional, and we have enjoyed all of them. The purchase of a Vitamix might be high, but our family is eating healthier than we ever thought possible. My children (both 8) are loving the soups. We were looking for a health game changer and Raw Blend has been an enormous part of that. Thank you so much...

Posted by Derrick Laychuk on 3rd June 2016


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