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Raw Mint Patties

Makes: 8-12

Serves: 4-6

Raw Mint Patties


Ingredients – Melted Chocolate

  • 1-2 Tbsp coconut oil (melted)
  • 1/3 cup raw cacao powder
  • 4-5 Tbsp maple syrup/raw honey/agave/coconut nectar
  • Pinch Himalayan salt
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon and cayenne pepper (optional)

Ingredients – Filling

Method – Filling

  1. Put all the ingredients into the Vitamix 2L container in the order listed and secure the lid.
  2. Select Variable 1. Turn the machine on and quickly increase the speed to 10, then override to High.
  3. Use tamper to press the ingredients into the blades if required.
  4. Blend until smooth. A few chunks doesn't matter.
  5. Stop the machine and scoop out heaped teaspoons of the mixture and put onto greaseproof paper and place into the freezer for about an hour.

Method – Melted Chocolate

  1. Mix all the chocolate ingredients together until smooth using the same method as above.
  2. Dip the frozen patties into the melted chocolate and it should start to harden.
  3. Place in the freezer until ready to serve or eat straight away!


Inspired by "This Rawsome Vegan Life"

Victoria Boutenko is an author, teacher, inventor, researcher, artist and mother of three. She teaches classes on healthy living and raw food all over the world. As a result of her research and teachings, thousands of people are drinking and sharing green smoothies.

Victoria Boutenko is an author of 12 Steps to Raw Foods, Green Smoothie Revolution, Raw Family Signature Dishes and Green for Life. Green for Life is an award winning,  international best seller which has been translated into 26 languages with over a quarter of a million copies being sold world wide.

- See more at: http://www.rawfamily.com/about-the-raw-family#sthash.22yYBJZQ.dpuf



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