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Sedona Dehydrator Reviews

Not sure if the Sedona Dehydrator is for you? 

Read what some of our customers had to say after making the decision to invest in a Sedona Food Dehyrator!

5 star rating

Very happy with my Sedona dehydrator

I love my Sedona. It's quieter than my other dehydrator, and I love the ability to use just half of the space if that's all I need, saving on power. It's glass door means I can see with ease what stage my food is at and the controls are at the front so I can have it in the microwave alcove and adjust time and temperature settings easily. Yes it costs more than the others but is worth it in my opinion.

Posted by Jen on 7th June 2017

5 star rating

Raw foodie heaven!!!

I purchased my Sedona a few years back and have been grateful of my choice ever since. After trying countless other cheaper dehydrators (all of which failed or didn't produce the results I wanted) the Sedona came out on top. Although not to everybody's price point, it was well worth it. Temperature control and a decent amount of trays (plus the size of each tray is perfect with smaller hole tray inserts to avoid your food sagging through the larger ones). Being a raw foodie I'm now able to make dried fruit Wraps, vegan sandwich Wraps and various other goodies. Thumbs up on this baby! Definitely my most used kitchen appliance. No regrets here!

Posted by Matt on 5th June 2017

5 star rating

The Rolls Royce of Dehydrators

I absolutely love my Sedona Dehydrator. I'm a raw foodie and have used several dehydrators previously to this and Sedona is by far the highest quality with the most user friendly features. I love the opening glass door and digital control panel along with its whisper quiet operation. Other dehydrators I have used have control panels at the back and have annoying doors which need to be lifted off and placed on the bench. Another feature I love is the dual fans which is great for saving energy when making smaller batches. I highly recommend Sedona!

Posted by Frankyloves on 30th May 2017

5 star rating

Wonderful Dehydrator

Love this dehydrator and the service from Raw Blend! It's compact enough to have in the kitchen, has 11 trays so I can do a nice batch of crackers, chips,treats, or fruit leathers. The trays have a great lip for easily achieving an even layer for your living crackers! The fan at the back keeps the air flow even and the sequential temp timer allows me to kickstart the process at slightly higher temp and then bring the temp down to low/raw settings, this ensures a wonderful finished product and keeps the living food aspect and the nutritional potency. I also really love the digital display and timer, it's more precise then other dehydrators I have used. All in all this machine ticks all the boxes well for me. Highly recommend.

Posted by Shakti Grace on 7th June 2017

5 star ratingBetter than any dehydrator on the market

I researched and researched, almost bought an excalibur until I read about Sedona. Best Dehydrator on the market, all I can say is buy this one! You will love it, your welcome.

Posted by Deborah S.. on 2nd September 2016

5 star ratingWorth the wait

I reviewed food denydrators extensively, and when I discovered Tribestlife, their product quality and attention to customer service, I decided to purchase from them. Then I discovered that a model with stainless trays would be coming out soon. I pre-ordered and anxiously waited several weeks. Well, it is here, and I LOVE it. It works great, dehydr

ates beautufully, and is pretty darn quiet. Figuring out the temp and time settings took slightly longer than I anticipated, and I only mention this because you will get it figured out after a few tries. Then voila! A wonderful dehydrator. I will purchase from Tribestlife again.

Posted by Sharon H. on 30th June 2015


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