17 Dec

Protein Slice

This is fast becoming my new favourite protein slice / go to sweet fix or just a snack on the go! Packed with real foods and no fancy numbers it feels good to pig out on! Although… moderation people… don’t go crazy! With the goodness of oats, coconut and dates along with a good quality

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These magical bites are definitely at the top of my list. I make them for EVERYTHING! Last minute guests, dinner parties, snacks when you need a sweet fix and just because I like chocolate.

Today’s video blog is a Kale & Banana Ice-cream recipe.  You are going to love this recipe, trust me – it’s delicious! Don’t be afraid of the kale, the recipe uses dates and raw organic honey to give it a lovely sweet flavour.

14 Oct

Rainbow Cups

I can sing a rainbow! Sing a rainbow! You can sing a rainbow too. If you had a look at my Coconut and Almond Yoghurt that I made last week you may have noticed a sneaky teaser of this weeks recipe. Let me just say that they taste great and look mean!

This week i want to share with you a decadent delicious dessert, our Choc Mint Mousse. You will love making this recipe at home. It is so simple and so quick to make and it tastes absolutely delicious.

04 Sep

Rawpple Pie!

Who doesn’t love apple pie? Anyone? No one? Thought so 😉 Why not try a super yummy RAW version and say no to the junk food varieties that are stuffed with everything BUT apples.