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Some of our customers say it has helped save their lives! Want to share your story? Then please email us!

Many of them have written to us and shared the amazing ways that preparing meals in their Vitamix Blender has helped them on their journey toward health and healing. By eating fruits, vegetables and grains prepared in the Vitamix TNC, these customers were able to get nutritional benefits from food that are simply not available in processed and prepared foods.

Here are a few heart-warming testimonials from our Vitamix owners that describe the health benefits they enjoyed by using their Vitamix Blender.

Dear Raw Blend,

I bought my Vitamix from Raw Blend over 6 months ago now and received simply great service. Since that time the machine has performed flawlessly, and mine gets worked quite hard - I only eat through a tube and many of the blends I make up have tough raw items in them. I love that I don't even have to cut up a sweet potato to blend it up!

When I decided to get into a blenderized diet I researched all the options available and the Vitamix came up trumps in every department. Little things can make a big difference. It's so easy to clean - it cleans itself. The switches are robust and the analog dial is so much better than pressing buttons and having to run a whole program like you do with some other blenders. It's so obviously well-made, and made to last; even the little rubber feet are good quality heavy-duty items. But really the things I love most about it are ease of use, and the end product. I just toss in everything I want for my blend, no special preparation involved, ramp up the power, give it a couple of minutes, and I get a perfectly smooth mixture ready to use. Even hard little seeds like flaxseed don't stand a chance. I haven't clogged my tube with a blend yet!

If my Vitamix ever does die, like if it got hit by a piece of hurtling space junk or a truck or something, I'd not hesitate in buying another from Raw Blend. In red this time, now that it's available.

Eric Aadhaar O'Gorman. Northam, WA

Dear Raw Blend,

I have been using the Vitamix for 6 months now and making green smoothies every morning. The main thing I noticed was I hadn't gotten a cold for all that time and I generally catch them really easily! Not only has it boosted my immune system and raised energy levels, people have commented on how healthy I look.

Also my nephew Kade (as seen in the picture right), only 2 years old preffers green smoothies instead of chocolate and he'll drink the smoothie but won't eat the actual fruit or vegies, so he is clueless he is eating spinach, asparagus and all that healthy stuff. Thanks Vitamix!

Michelle. Nova Magazine, Sydney, NSW

Dear Tom / Leah,

My family and I are vegans which mean that we have lots of reasons to use a Vitamix. Matter of fact, after we bought one, it didn’t take very long before we realized that we needed more than just one Vitamix.

I have found the Vitamix blender to be reliable and just keep on going no matter how much it gets used. The Vitamix is also very versatile and with all the different foods that are required to be blended, creamed, chopped, buttered etc. the Vitamix shines through every time. I would definitely recommend the Vitamix to anyone interested in getting a super-duper blender.

I would to also mention the fantastic service the family business at Raw Blend provides. It is obvious to me that they are dedicated and committed to providing the best possible assistance to all their customers. I believe this also gives the Vitamix Company a good name.

Thanks to the team at Raw Blend! It is much appreciated.

Miriam Weston. Molendinar, QLD

(Below is an extract of a testimony on how the Vitamix has helped ‘Grant the Champ’ so wonderfully)

"Hello Tom and Leah,

Grant has benefited wonderfully with being fed blended meals via the Vitamix.

Just after Grant’s birth he was diagnosed with infantile myoclonic epilepsy with developmental delay; an extremely serious form of brain injury. The senior neurologist at the children’s hospital said that Grant was the worst case, level of brain injury that he had ever seen. He gave Grant from one to two years life expectancy.

When Grant was about 11 years old, his paediatrician suggested that Grant needed to be PEG fed. Grant had the operation and we started feeding him tinned formulas via the PEG. During this time we noticed that Grant’s bowel movements were still not particularly good. About 3 years ago, a psychologist suggested that we start feeding Grant blended meals. Very slowly over a period of approximately 4 months we weaned Grant off the formula over to homemade blended meals, with the psychologist closely monitoring.

We noticed remarkable improvements with Vitamix feeding and wonderful improvements in Grant’s well being when he started having homemade meals. When Grant started the blended diet he went for 7 weeks without any major seizures, his bowel movements became regular/normal and he now almost never became clammy and sweaty. We love preparing wholesome meals for Grant. It is something that we can do for him which is so beneficial.

Paul Copeland, on behalf of Grant the Champ. Lilydale, VIC

Hi there,

This is not really an enquiry, but a very big THANK YOU!! Firstly let me say I am absolutely in love with my Vitamix. It is used several times a day and the results are outstanding. I would also like to thank the Raw Blend team for their exceptional customer service.

I had recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and am keen to explore more natural forms of healing to use alongside the chemo. Although I had been juicing a lot, I needed something with more power to meet my demands. I ordered the Vitamix while you were away on your Christmas break. To cut a long story short, I was having chemo on the day that the Vitamix was due for delivery so Tom very kindly offered to deliver it on his way home. You just don't get customer service like that in this day and age. He even came in and demonstrated it for me and included in the package was a Green For Life book, which has become almost my bible. I did so appreciate his kindness and generosity.

There's one other piece of good news that I would like to share with you. I received news of my latest tumour markers yesterday. The top of the range for pancreatic cancer markers is 34. When I first started chemo my reading was in excess of 48000!! My latest test results showed them to have dropped to 3894. My oncologist said he would have been delighted with a 25% drop, but my results were simply extraordinary. I am sure the dietary and lifestyle changes I have made have contributed to these results.

Thank you for you support and caring.

Gaye Hamilton, Currumbin Waters QLD

Hi Claire and Raw Blend,

How wonderful, my beautiful new Vitamix arrived the evening before my birthday! Since then we (4 adults) have been having 1 or even 2 green smoothies a day… and lovin' it!

And last night we started my grandson on them. William (as seen in the picture right) is six months old tomorrow and he got so excited when I gave him some on a spoon.

Thanks again Claire and have a good day.

Rose Hart. Forrestfield, WA

Dear Raw Blend,

Three years ago I purchased a Vitamix after a friend showed me a demonstration. It is the best appliance I have ever bought and I use it at least twice a day.  I am now taking care of my 85 year old Mum who also bought a Vitamix to use at her apartment.

For the past few months I have been making Mum green smoothies daily and she is just glowing with health.  Prior to the smoothies mum was suffering from a serious skin condition which has now cleared up and her high blood sugar levels have now dropped back to normal. Vitamix blends the contents so smooth and creamy- it’s so easy for mum to drink.

I too have been enjoying daily green smoothies and have lost 11kg in the process. Five of my friends have since purchased a Vitamix from Raw Blend and other are saving up to buy one soon.

Thank you once again for bringing such a wonderful product into Australia. After seeing how many years you have been representing Vitamix here - it’s obvious you are not a fly by night company and are here for the long run.

David O'Tool, Balgowlah, NSW

Dear Vitamix,

My husband had throat cancer and needed pureed foods and had a feeding tube for 4 months. The Vitamix, I believe, was a life saver! A friend had bought it for us. My husband, Greg, could get good organic food in him to do all the repair work his body needed in an easy way. Now, he is clean, healthy and continues to make power drinks every day!

My husband continues to amaze the doctors of his speedy recovery. Greg's body has been built back up in such a strong way that he's healthier than he was before he got sick.

I like being able to use the whole foods in its raw state, thereby getting all the fiber, nutrients and enzymes to improve and enhance our health. The Vitamix saved me time - I work many hours and being able to literally throw the food in the machine and flip a switch was great! I'm a real advocate of your machine and we've sold many people on the machine. I've given many recipes out to people that own it and have given mini classes on it.

Michelle & Greg M., Chicago, IL

Dear Vitamix,

One day during my chemo treatments, my doctor leaned over and smirked at me saying, “I don't know what you're doing, keep doing it!” I attribute my incredibly fast recovery and good health, to my wife Michelle research on nutrition and the Vitamix's capability to process the foods for us.

When I began my Chemo treatments all I could ingest was Ensure, because until we got the Vitamix my feeding tube kept getting clogged. The Vitamix allowed me to begin eating whole foods again. The Vitamix also helped me while I relearned how to swallow.


I believe it has been a major part of a near-miraculous recovery from concurrent bouts with advanced cancer and heart disease.

Tom S, IL November 2002

Dear Vitamix,

I had arthritis so bad I could hardly walk. Then I started making whole food juice in the Vitamix. I juice oranges, apples, bananas and pineapples every day.

I juice vegetables too. Now I do not take any medications, laxatives, or anything and I have no problems walking. I have had my Vitamix for over 6 years and there is no comparison.

I can't put a price on what the Vitamix has done for my health.

Wilton B., Dallas, TX

Dear Vitamix,

We are both suffering from high cholesterol, my own has been 257.

After purchasing our Vitamix machine I read through the booklets that came with it to see what foods would be beneficial in lowering my cholesterol level. I have used a combination of 1 cup soy milk blended with ¾ cup oats, honey to taste, and strawberries or raspberries (1/2 c). In three weeks of consuming this at breakfast, my cholesterol has come down 32 points to 224!!! It would not have happened if not for this wonderful machine that made it so very easy and fast to prepare.

Nancy H, MI

Thank you for the very prompt service. We have already received our Vitamix 5200 super package. WOW we are so happy with everything included in the package with lots of reading to do and recipes to try. We have just made a super green smoothie and it’s fantastic. So easy to use and clean which I am really pleased about. I suffer from MS and have difficulties with walking, balance & cooking etc so this will be great for me and my husband. We have just started following the Terry Wahls protocol for MS and the Vitamix will be fantastic to get all the nutritional value from our food I need. Looking forward to reading through all your recipes!!

Judy & Paul

Judy and Paul, SA

5 months ago I had a massive heart attack, which was something of a shock as I eat healthy and exercise. In the months after getting a stent and taking all the drugs prescribed, I was still experiencing angina pain when trying to exercise at a moderate level and had low energy levels.

3 weeks ago I received my Vitamix package and for breakfast I made a smoothie with plenty of RAW GREENS, some banana, apple, goji berries, oats and a tablespoon of natural yoghurt. The taste is delicious, its filling, but most of all - from day 1 the effect on my health has been astounding.

Within a week my angina all but disappeared, my energy levels shot up enormously, and I have been able to start really ramping up my exercise again. I feel like I've been born again and there is no doubt it's down to the raw food and the Vitamix method of delivering it.

One of the best investments I have ever made, the Vitamix is a top quality product.



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