The New Era Of Vacuum Blending Is Here
18 Oct

The New Era Of Vacuum Blending Is Here

If you have ever heard of vacuum blending and the amazing benefits of this style of blending then you will know why we are so excited to finally announce the release of the NEW Dynapro Professional High-Speed Vacuum Blender in Australia.

The NEW Dynapro features an upgraded, powerful 2.5 peak horsepower motor made in Sweden with turbo cooling fan designed to make easy work of blending even the toughest of ingredients. The Dynapro DPS-2250 includes the One-Touch Vacuum Pump. Vacuum blending helps you enjoy increased flavour profiles, improved texture, enhanced shelf life, and optimal nutrition for your high-speed blends.

Vacuum Blending Technology

The innovative One-Touch Vacuum Pump pairs with our specially designed container, allowing you to remove oxygen from the blending container before you blend. Protect your blends and lock in flavours, create smoother textures, enjoy more vibrant colours, extend shelf life, and preserve nutrients in your favourite recipes.

You’re in Control

Easy-to-use Preset Buttons allow you to pulse and blend your recipes. Create over 700 custom programming cycles! Use the Manual Control Dial for ultimate control over speed. Or, use the handy Countdown Timer and free yourself to complete other tasks.

Raw Temperature Indicator

Easily see when your recipes are warming up with our unique Indicator Star. The thermochromatic ink changes from blue to white when your blender reaches 118˚F (48°C) inside the container.

Protect and reduce the oxidation of your high-powered blends by removing the excess oxygen before blending. This preserves the fragile antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients that feed your body. Vacuum blending also helps you create silky smooth results—no more separation of your blends or losing the simple flavours of your product during the blending process.

Happy Blending!!

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