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Tropical Coconut Smoothie

How to Make a Tropical Coconut Smoothie In the Vitamix

Video Transcription:

Hey, guys. It's Tommy here from Raw Blend. Today, I'm going to make one of my favourite summertime recipes, a tropical coconut green smoothie; absolutely delicious, perfect for that hot summer day.

Let's start off; I'm going to use some fresh coconut. So instead of using a meat cleaver, I've got one of these coco cutter openers; really, really handy. We just put this on top here. It's just like a hole saw, a hole saw for coconuts. Just turn this back and forward, just chopping through the flesh. There we go. It's gone through there. Make sure that hole's through, and then I just pull that off, pull it out there. It's tight, this one [laughs]. There we go, beautiful.

You see how we get the flesh stuck in there, and I can just get a pen or something and poke it straight out from that angle. And there we have it, beautiful; a fresh, young coconut, ready to drink if you like. I'm going to put it in a green smoothie. Here we go. It's so good for you. I'm also going to scoop out the flesh as well, so I'm using a spatula to do that. It's pretty simple. Just jam this in here, just around the edges of the flesh.

Tropical Coconut SmoothieJust go right around the outside, until it's all loose; beautiful. Then I can just pull this out. Just pull the whole thing out. It comes straight out, like that. Absolutely delicious, and throw the whole thing in there. Now it's just empty shell. I'll put that over there. I'm going to put some other ingredients in, some nice tropical ingredients, and use some fresh mango; perfect this time of year.

I've got some pineapple. I'm just going to grab my knife. Put in a nice slice of pineapple. Try to use the core as well. There's an enzyme in there called "bromelain". It's an anti inflammatory, great for arthritis and sore muscles; a nice slice of pineapple. I'm going to put in a whole lime. I'm just going to shave off the outside. You can put the whole peel in if you like. I'm going to shave it off; otherwise it's a little bit too bitter. I'm just trying to leave all that pith on there, all the white part. That's really good for you.

I've got a little bit of peel on there; in it goes. And let's add some greens to make this a nice green smoothie for you. I've got some spinach, a great dark, leafy green, packed with chlorophyll, and some kale, the mack daddy of all greens, so nutritious. Throw it in. We're going to put a little bit of mint in there as well for that nice, tropical taste. I think that looks pretty good. What do you think?

Let's put some ice in there, about two cups of ice in there. I'm going to lock my lid into place, and use my tamper and get it up on the high speed. There we go.

Beautiful, ready to go; a tropical, coconut green smoothie. It looks amazing, smells delicious, so nutritious for you. Pour that out there. I'm salivating. I can't wait to be able to taste it. It looks amazing. Beautiful; try some of that. Cheers, and enjoy it.

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