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The Vitamix 5200 completely pulverizes whole foods to release flavor like you’ve never tasted!

Vegetarian? Vegan? All Veggie Lovers Love the Vitamix Machine!

Vegetarians, raw foodists and people who just want to eat healthier have a secret weapon that makes their lifestyle easy and enjoyable. The ones who have a Vitamix in their kitchen!

Why? It can difficult to find new ways to prepare fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in delicious meals without spending a lot of time. Time that is better spent in other activities.

With a Vitamix machine, you have a whole new menu of choices - the smoothest smoothies in just 1 minute, delicious steaming hot soups in just 5 minutes and tasty frozen treats in 2 minutes all without a single attachment.

And because of the Vitamix machine's unique design, you won't need to buy a replacement for a long, long time. In fact, we get letters and emails from customers every day telling us how durable and reliable their machines are with everyday use.

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There's a central theme to all these lifestyles that you already know: Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables gives you more energy and a longer, healthier life. And a blender, food processor and/or juicer is probably an important part of your daily routine.

As a heavy-duty user of these appliances, you will appreciate what only the Vitamix machine can do for you.


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