How to Make Crushed Ice using the Vitamix – Video
17 Dec

How to Make Crushed Ice using the Vitamix – Video

How to Make Crushed Ice in the Vitamix Blender

Video Transcription:

Hi. It’s Tommy from Raw Blend. One of the things I used to love about going skiing when I was a kid was eating snow cones. I used to love these things. However, living in Queensland, we obviously don’t get any snow. So today, to demonstrate the amazing power of the Vitamix machine, I’m going to show you how easy it is to crush two litres of ice, so simple.

In the container here, I have ice. I’m going to put some water in here. You just want to float the ice off the blades there. You can see that. Going to grab my lid. We’ll lock that into place. High speed. Now don’t blink or you’re going to miss it. Just for about two seconds. That’s it. It’s that quick.

I’m just going to drain out this water here. Look at that. I’ll put this up here so you can see it. Look at that crushed ice, ready to go. Watch this. You can just cut straight through there. Beautiful. Who says you can’t make snow in the summer?

The VitamixThe Vitamix Blender

Test your new ice-crushing skills and make a strawberry, pineapple and mint daiquiri or a coffee frappuccino!

Did you know the Vitamix has over 50 capabilities? Not only does it crush ice at the blink of an eye, the Vitamix also blends the smoothest drinks & soups in minutes, grinds whole grains into powder or flour, kneads bread dough, chops vegies and is able to create thousands of different meals and juices.

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