How to Change a Vitamix Drive Socket – Video
17 Dec

How to Change a Vitamix Drive Socket – Video

How to Change a Drive Socket on a Vitamix Blender

Video Transcription

Hi guys. It’s Tommy here at Raw Blend. Today I’m going to show you have to change a drive socket on your Vitamix Blender. Really simple to do. If you do damage your drive socket for some reason, or it breaks, that doesn’t usually happen, but you get this drive socket replacement kit. It comes with instructions on how to replace it. Alright, so pretty simple.

Firstly, this rubber mat here, I’m just going to pull that straight off. And that’s great if you want to give that a good clean under there as well every now and again. I’ve got a little hole here, you can see on the side of the drive socket here. Sometimes this will be filled with silicon, if it is, I just need to pull that little bit of silicon out with some tweezers or some pliers, get that out of there.

You can see I’ve lined up the little Allen keyhole there with the screw, and I just want to put this in on that sort of an angle there and turn this anti-clockwise. Turn it a few times and then this is just going to pop straight off. So that comes straight off. I’ve got my new drive socket here ready to go. I can see the little screw right there.

It’s got a little arrow here as well on the top of it, so we’re just going to put that straight in the place. You can see the little arrow, little hole, and once again put my Allen key in there ’til it grips and I just turn that clockwise, turn it until you feel it grip. Feel it there. I don’t want to over turn it otherwise you can break the thread. So just ’til it’s tight. There you go, that’s not going to go anywhere. So that’s how simple it is to change a drive socket on your Vitamix. Happy blending.

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