How to Make Macadamia Nut Milk using the Vitamix – Video
17 Dec

How to Make Macadamia Nut Milk using the Vitamix – Video

How to Make Macadamia Nut Milk Using the Vitamix Blender

Video Transcription:

Recipe for Macadamia Nut Milk

Hey, how are you doing? It’s Tommy at Raw Blend. Today I’m going to show you how to make macadamia nut milk, a really simple, quick recipe for you. So instead of using the milk, you buy at the supermarket, I’m going to make nutritious milk right here in my Vitamix.

So the basic principle for making any sort of nut milk, I want about one cup of nuts, macadamia nuts, in this case. All my measurements are down the side there. That’s about right and about three to four cups of water. So I’m using nice filtered water. A little bit better for you. In it goes.

And I like my milk a little bit sweet, so I’m going to put in some pitted dates, just a few in there, three or four. And I love cinnamon, so, so good for you. Really good for diabetics, great for stabilising blood sugar levels. So I put in some cinnamon. Put in as much as you like, it doesn’t matter.

Okay. And I’m going to put in some ice. I like my milk to be cold in the morning, so a few cubes of ice. Looks pretty good, you’re ready to go.

So I’m going to lock our lid into place. I’m going to start it at a slow speed, work it up to ten then up on to high speed. Away we go.

All right, that’s it. It’s that simple. I’ve just let that run for about one minute on high speed, and we’re ready to go. A little bit of a tip, what I like to do is put it on a slow speed now, just to fold out some of these air bubbles in here. So I’ll just get that on slow speed. Just about five or six, and it will just fold out some of those air bubbles. It will be a little less frothy for you.

That’s it, ready to go. Serve you out some of these, pour it out there. See how smooth it comes out? You’re not going to notice any of those little bits of the macadamia nut or the dates in there, it’s all disappeared. And that’s it, fresh, delicious, nice and cold in the morning, fresh macadamia milk. Happy blending.Recipe for Coconut Milk

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