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Read what some of our customers had to say after making the decision to invest in a Vitamix Blender.

5 star ratingThe only appliance I used every day

I've had a Vitamix for years in North America. When I moved to Australia, I sold everything I owned, including the Vitamix. The ONLY thing I replaced on this side of the world has been this amazing appliance (I didn't want to mess with voltage transformers for such a powerful machine).

So powerful, so easy to clear, and so versatile. The basic TNC 5200 is all you really need, in my opinion. My breakfast smoothies have never been so easy and making soups and sauces takes seconds.

Raw Blend offered this at a significant discount to brick and mortar stores so it was an easy choice.

Posted by Derek on 1st June 2015

5 star ratingLife Changing Machine!!!!

Vitamix does everything that it promised and more! It has encouraged me to eat 100% raw vegies and fruit and the weight loss and glow I have is amazing as well as the energy. I was worried that it would be a noisy unit as some reviewers said it was but it is quiet for its power, actually it is quieter than my hairdryer! I love it!

Posted by Seal on 28th May 2015

5 star ratingOutstanding!!!

I was a little reluctant to pay this much for a blender but have since realised that this appliance can achieve so much more than just my daily smoothie. It is versatile and can be used in some way for almost every meal, from sauces, pesto, pastes, burger patties, anything... I highly recommend it!!!! And postage was very speedy :)

Posted by Andrea on 30th April 2015

5 star ratingGreat investment

Vitamix is a well known and reliable brand. Some might argue it's too expensive for a blender, but it's not just a blender. It can juice, freeze, blend just to name a few, it's very versatile. I use this baby at least twice a day and can't believe I didn't purchase it much earlier.

Posted by Minh on 10th April 2015

5 star ratingBest gift I've ever bought myself!

I'm loving my Vitamix! I waited far too long to purchase this powerful blender. I'm enjoying creating quick, delicious recipes and eating twice as much raw food (and feeling the energy surge).

As  ahealth coach, it's become and essential tool in my kitchen and teaching. Thank you Raw Blend, your service was amazing!

Posted by Gloria Altus on 10th April 2015

5 star ratingAmazing product, should have bought it earlier

This is a great product and great value for the price you pay. I always used to worry if the $100 mixer will burn and be engulfed in flames, no such worries with Vitamix.

Chop ice cubes like no tomorrow, I will never have to buy ice creams again.

Great service, product delivered as expected and with good packaging.

Posted by TP on 18th March 2015

5 star ratingSimplify Life

This was a product that once we used we wondered how we lived without it. It takes the place of multiple other kitchen appliances, clears the bench and promotes fresh and healthy eating. It's incredibly easy to clean and is a real workhorse machine. It's simple, stylish and powerful tool for creating a healthier and more efficient lifestyle.

Posted by Nigel on 4th February 2015

5 star ratingLove love LOVE it!!

I tell everyone how much I love this machine !! I have a friend who has one and she told me not to waste my money on buying another brand. Of course I didn't listen and went and bought a $140 known brand from a popular retail store, because I thought hey it's a blender it will do the job. No it didn't, I had this other blender for only 2 weeks and sold it to my daughter so I could order the Vitamix.

I couldn't explain in this small space and words how happy I am with this machine.
I love all the recipes I can look through online and make.
I love the healthy lifestyle change for both hubby and I.
I love the ice cream recipes and I don't have to feel guilty.
I love the energy I have and the weight I've lost the smoothies (7K).
I love all the attachments I can buy separately in the future.
I love the power the machine has to blend !!
Thank you everyone !!

Posted by Kerry Jackson on 3rd January 2015

5 star ratingBest investment ever

I ordered by Vitamix package late on a Wednesday afternoon and was blown away when it arrived before Friday lunchtime (hope the couriers were safe)... Have used it every day since, often multiple times a day. Have my 87 year old dad hooked on frozen desserts, and 85 year old mum and I are eating heaps of veggies each day, in soups and other goodies. This is an awesome product an awesome company to buy it from. Would recommend it all highly. Go on - get one from Raw Blend!

Posted by Nerys on 21st December 2014

5 star ratingWorth the wait

I have researched the Vitamix TNC 5200, read all the reviews and can say that it is absolutely awesome - definitely worth the wait and cost. I have used it everyday since I first received it. It won't be a product that just sits on the bench unused. I even have my 3 year and 2 year old drinking green smoothies and they love them!

Posted by Melita on 19th November 2014

5 star ratingLives up to all expectations

Have been looking for a product that would provide me with a smooth consistency while maintaining the integrity of the fibre & vitamins in whole-fruit and whole vegetable smoothies. Every morning I blend kale, broccoli, berries, ginger, nuts and celery into a silky smooth consoction. I had been using another product which was enough to do the trick as I initially didn't want to invest the extra money, but this just takes my smoothie experience to a whole new level of flavour and satisfaction.

It is also the most wonderful, convenient way to get as many vitamins & minerals into my body without compromising my time.

Posted by Kellie on 15th November 2014

5 star ratingThe best purchase I've ever made

Delivery to Perth is 5 days, impressive!

Thanks so much for this live-changing purchase. After 2 weeks of green smoothies every morning, I dropped a dress size. It's now been 3 weeks, another dress size is on it's way to disappearing. My skin is clearer, my eyes brighter, energy levels through the roof & headaches all but gone. I'd been looking at the Vitamix for years, but could never justify the price. Now, I wish I'd bought it sooner!

Not only good for smoothies. The raw soups are also amazing. Within 5 minutes, to have a delicious soup on hand is a dream. Make those nights of overtime so much easier.

My only regret? I wish I'd bought the top of the range package. That dehydrator looks amazing! Soon, very soon.

Posted by Jess on 26th October 2014

5 star ratingSimply the Best

I love my Vitamix and have used it to make a green smoothie every day since it arrived. I've also made ice-cream, soup, hot chocolate and nut butters. I haven't used the dry jug yet, but I will.

I've watched all the incldued videos, read all the books you sent and am now re-reading and re-watching to study the up to date nutritional information in them so that I can act on it. I also continue to watch 'lessons' on U tube.

I did loads of research before decising to buy this pack from your excellent and ethical company..... I have no been disappointed; though as a pensioner it took quite a big chunk of my savings!

I highly recommend this potentially life and health changing kit, with its books and DVDs as well as the magical machine and included accesories. All I have to do now is save up for your dehydrator... any chance of a discount? Just joking but do let me know if you ever have sales.

Posted by Jill Tennison on 7th October 2014

5 star ratingNever Had A Blender Now Use It Every Day

It took me 2 years to take the plunge and I have not regretted it. I'm a student so I'm not made of money but I think of my purchase as health insurance.

I use my Vitamix every single day and can definitely notice the difference in my health. I have so much energy.

I now have my own health website for students (www.studywell.com.au) to encourage other students to jump on the wellness journey with me.

Posted by Ana Johnson-Hill on 6th October 2014

5 star ratingSoup was Restaurant quality!

After seeing the demo's at many home show's around Australia, the time was right to step up and buy a Vitamix. So happy with it and although summer is almost here the soups I've done are amazing.. I will more than likely make them into dips..

Posted by Jesse McLaren on 18th September 2014

5 star ratingEvery Kitchen Should Have 1 Of These

This machine is absolutely marvellous.The flexibility in what it produces is amazing & the quality & consistency is perfect.Time is reduced at least by 1/2.We are so completely over the moon with our Vitamix.The quality of manufacture speaks for itself.The best addition in our kitchen.

Posted by Brian Alderman on 3rd September 2014

5 star ratingYou won't regret buying this

Great package, lots included, even green smoothie container. Recipe book great full of ideas, introductory video excellent, the recipes are not hard to make and use normal ingredients, and yet are delicious and feel so full of nutrition. I am loving the green smoothies, and the fresh vegetable cocktail and am really looking forward to trying all the other receipes, as so impressed with just the few I've tried. it's very exciting, and I feel my energy levels are really increasing, and I feel so much better. Definitely recommend this package and the Vitamix - also super easy to clean. You won't regret buying this!!

Posted by Susie on 27th Aug 2014

5 star ratingLife Changing

I have used the VitaMix everyday since It arrived in my kitchen.I am amazed by how in just a few seconds it pulverizes my greens into the best smoothies Ive ever tasted.My digestive issues are almost gone in just a few weeks from daily green smoothies...Definitely recommend if you want a Life long Investment in mind body and soul nourishment!

Posted by Lisa Holland on 25th Aug 2014

5 star ratingI now get real smoothies

I have just received my Vitamix and have started down my path of green juices and boy does it do a good job. Beautiful, smooth and very green. I host raw food classes and in the past before my Vitamix, nothing seemed to come out of the blender anywhere near how I wanted it - now I can't wait to host my next class. Thank you

Posted by Ann Sheldon on 18th Aug 2014

5 star ratingChanged my life!

I absolutely love my Vitamix TNC 2500.
My husband and I now juice every day and really enjoy different combinations if fruits and greens. The 1L Raw Blend bottle is amazing - we bought another 3 since I kept raving on about how great it is. The entire package is informative - the DVD, although we knew most of the information was great to see other people pointing us in the same direction of out new healthy and raw journey.
I have already recommended this to anyone and everyone who asks me about my green smoothie or what I eat in general - I LOVE IT!

Posted by Tiffany on 11th Aug 2014

5 star ratingWorth every cent

After enviously eyeing off my mums Vitamix for months I finally decided to invest in this amazing machine. I can honestly say, that I have used it everyday since it arrived on my doorstep. I have become more aware of the foods that go into my body and turned my health around! Using the Vitamix is so easy, I now have no excuse not to have something nutritious in the mornings - in 5 mins I have a super smoothie for breakfast! It is not just a blender for me, it is a new way of life!

Posted by Elizabeth Fernandez on 4th Aug 2014

5 star ratingI've waited 3 years and its finally here!!!

I first came across the Vitamix 3 years ago and have been saving up ever since. Lets face it this is a big financial outlay. All that being said I am in Vitamix heaven right now. I only placed my order lunchtime yesterday so imagine my utter surprise when it arrived on my doorstep at morning tea time. Fastway courtiers sure have lived up to their name.

I'd purchased the Green Magic Smoothie book and read that to the kids first which proved to a big bonus as they were suddenly all excited about their own big brown box and couldn't wait to have a go with it. After unpacking everything (and there is a lot of books and DVD's to explore) we did the only sensible thing at 10am - tried out the Chocolate Caramel Swirl recipe from the site. Delicious and such a treat for two kids who haven't had the joy of ice-cream due to dairy intolerance's. Then in an effort to not be too silly we tried out the Tomato and basil soup. Now I have two super fussy eaters (thanks to the sensory issues of Autism) who have never tried tomatoes outside of Tomato Sauce. As I type this they are digging into "the soup they made" and loving it.

So in summary even though its only 24hrs into my experience with Rawblend and Vitamix I am totally impressed and incredibly happy with the service and the products included. Worth every carefully saved up dollar.

Posted by Diana on 9th July 2014

5 star ratingLOVE IT

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my vitamix pro series 500.
The super deluxe package is brilliant, it contains everything you need, equipment and information, to start you on a raw green and healthy life.
We use our vitamix pro 500 at least twice a day. my sons make their own green smoothies in the morning before school, the pre-program function makes it so easy to do everything.
I would like to commend Raw Blend on their customer service, I called in a panic thinking Id blown up my machine, the woman I spoke with calmed me down, reassured me I hadn't, and gave me hints on using the machine.
I and my family are extremely happy with our purchase.

Posted by Tanya Van Wageningen on 3rd July 2014

5 star ratingGreat product

I have had my Vitamix now for 5 months, it is the best thing I have in my kitchen. The smoothies for breakfast are just great and all the other things that I use it for as well. Makes cutting vegies a breeze I just don't know how I managed before I got my Vitamix I just love the washing up with the Vitamix. Thanks Raw Blend.

Posted by Lyn Hodgson on 29th June 2014

5 star ratingThe best

The best machine I've ever used. Cleaning is a breeze , no pulling apart necessary , & so easy to use , does a terrific job.

Posted by Carole on 16th June 2014

5 star ratingBest Blender ever used

I purchased the TNC 5200 blender, and we excited from it's results each time from the beginning. This is a very powerful well built machine, working with a big variety of products and receiving a great results.
I can see that you have a great ROI for each dollar you spent on it.

Posted by Michael on 21st May 2014

5 star ratingLove my new Vitamix

I recently purchased the Vitamix from Raw Blend to improve my well being. I'd wanted one for quite some time but thought it was a little too expensive. After lots of research and attending several demonstrations I was convinced it was the right kitchen tool for me. Since i got it a few weeks ago, I've never looked back. I love my Vitamix, and yes I'm making yummy green smoothies everyday has definitely improved my well being. I have a lot more energy, I don't feel bloated anymore and I love making the guilt free delicious icecream. I have recommended it to all my friends and family. It's become my favourite kitchen tool. I feel fantastic.

Posted by Rosie on 20th May 2014

5 star ratingLife changing

After researching for some time I finally settled on a Vitamix because its the Mercedes of blenders. You can't put a price on your life therefore when it comes to what you're putting into your body quality matters.

Posted by Timothy Ting on 20th May 2014

5 star ratingOur Amazing Vitamix

We love our Vitamix. It is used many times during the day. We have tried lots of new recipes and made up some of our own. We now make lots of things like Peanut Butter, Frozen Deserts, Smoothies, Soup, Dips etc. We purchase so much more fresh food now. We already have two people ready to purchase this machine through our recommendations.

Posted by Bev & Ian Cooper and family on 30th April 2014

5 star ratingMy New Best Friend

I had wanted a Vitamix for so long, it just took a while to justify the cost. Now that I have had the Vitamix for a month, I cannot imagine my life without it! I use it up to 4 times a day for a variety of things, from smoothies and ice cream to nutmilk and soup. This machine has enhanced my ability to eat healthy and also enabled me to decrease my dairy intake due to being able to make delicious nut cheese and milk in just minutes! I had my mother come stay a week ago and it definitely didn't take her long to fall in love

The Service I received from Raw Blend was outstanding! I am so happy with my product, that I get excited about waking up in the morning and choosing what to put in my Vitamix! :)

Posted by Emma on 30th April 2014

5 star ratingLove it

The smoothies are smoother and creamier, the sorbets are delicious and we love our nut butters. A great investment in our health - we're loving it and use it every day.

Posted by Sue on 25th April 2014

5 star ratingBlast of a blender !

I was so happy when my Vitamix arrived, quickly too I might add. I enjoyed unwrapping every aspect of it and checking out the red colour option I chose. Then after rinsing and drying, I made my first green smoothie. My 2yr old son and I loved it! So quick, so easy and no major clean up. My Vitamix takes pride of place in our kitchen... carrot soup was blended last night. I highly recommend the Vitamix as it gives a smooth texture when using the blending function. I have yet to try making dough for bread, but that's next. I love this machine!!

Posted by Paula on 22nd April 2014

5 star ratingFirst class blender!

Such a pleasure to use this blender. Quality build, easy to use, cleaning is simple and this package comes complete with manual/recipe books & DVD, extra wet and dry containers etc. The only negative is that it is quite loud; but I'm happy to overlook that because you can achieve the smoothest of smoothies and soups. I am so impressed with the Vitamix blender that I have recommended it to family and friends and have had them over to try a home made super healthy smoothie! Furthermore, Rawblend have great service and super quick delivery times; my order was delivered within 24 hours of my order.

Posted by Annette on 21st April 2014

5 star ratingBest Kitchen Gadget Ever

I saw the Vitamix demonstrated at the Home Show and couldn't wait to buy one. Since then I have used it every day to make our morning green smoothie, and our soup for lunch and quite often dessert for dinner. My husband was a bit reluctant at first but now he loves it too as it makes him lots of goodies. Also the service from Raw Blend was great. I ordered it one day and received it the next you can't get much better than that.

Posted by Judy on 10th April 2014

5 star ratingBetter than I expected

When I started researching blenders (after my old one blew up) I decided on the Vitamix. While I didn't think it could be THAT much better than regular blenders, I assumed it must at least be a little bit better.

I was so wrong! The Vitamix is amazing - My green smoothies (which I previously drank holding my nose) are so smooth and delicious - the Vitamix completely blends every last piece of food added to it. I am so happy - It's a pleasant surprise to get something better than what you had expected!

Thanks for the quick and fantastic service from Raw Blend - looking forward to placing my next order :)

Posted by Dominique on 5th April 2014

5 star ratingFantastic

Makes the best smoothies; so easy to make smooth soup, even with the seeds & skin of tomatoes included, ice cream is a breeze. Live it!

Posted by Jane on 24th March 2014

5 star ratingWhy didn't I hear about this Marvellous Machine Sooner!

As soon as I heard about Vitamix I googled and it all sounded too good to be true. Lucky for me there was a demo in my local area (Melbourne) the same week.
The minute I saw the machine in action and tasted the amazing flavours in the smoothies and soups being created I was sold ! I came home and ordered mine from Raw Blend the same day!!
The store I visited couldn't come close to the price Raw Blend was offering and I was a little nervous spending so much money for something online. But I needn't have worried, delivery was prompt (there was a bit of a hiccup but one call to the friendly staff and all was resolved, that day).
I cannot recommend this product or the Raw Blend staff/ website highly enough. I'm a single girrrl, but sometimes use my Vitamix 3 times a day, and the recipes on the Raw Blend site are fabulous!
Like me you'll be kicking yourself you didn't do it sooner...LOVE LOVE LOVE ! :-)))) xoxo

Posted by YogaGirrrl on 10th March 2014

5 star ratingMy favourite kitchen equipment!

I absolutely love my Vitamix, I have a green smoothy for my health to feed my cells every morning and the only way I can make it smooth and delicious is with my fav machine. It simply turns any vegetable or fruit into a lovely healthy smooth watery drink. as well as this i use it to make my Almond Milk which I love, in winter I will try making soups in it!

Posted by Heidi Pigott-Irwin on 3rd March 2014

5 star ratingBEST EVER Kitchen Appliance!!!

Since receiving our Vitamix TNC 5200 we have been making green smoothies every morning - delicious and perfectly blended to a smooth drinkable consistency every time! We've also been trying out many other recipes including soups, salad dressings, hummus dip (FANTASTIC), desserts and we can't get enough of it. This is now our go-to appliance in the kitchen for all meals and is an invaluable tool in our quest to eat well and be healthy.

Posted by Maryann on 20th Feb 2014

5 star ratingLOVE IT!!!!

From the moment the Vitamix was unpacked it has rarely been out of use. The kids are obsessed with the juices, smoothies and sorbets - they beg for more and love all the green smoothies I make. They are drinking the veges that I couldn't get them to eat! Love this machine!

Posted by DK on 6th Feb 2014

5 star ratingWhy did I wait so long?

We have used it just about every day since it arrived - smoothies, soups, dips sauces and we have only had it a short time. The machine is exceptionally easy to clean and storage isn't a problem as I leave it in a corner on my kitchen bencvh; as it is light to pull forward I don't find it a nuisance. I am so glad I finally bought one after talking about it for years. Now to get some extra attachments such as the dry blad. Very happy with the purchase and the price is very competitive.

Posted by Chris on 5th Feb 2014

5 star ratingWorth it

This is the best investment I could make for the kitchen. So happy with how powerful the vitamix is! I've made curry pastes, nut milk, smoothies and juices and they've all turned out perfectly. The only downside is that it's quite loud, but that's to be expected with such a high-powered device. Overall, I couldn't be happier.

Posted by Rebecca on 29th Jan 2014

5 star ratingSensational!

Bought the Vitamix as an upgrade from an ordinary blender - and what an upgrade it is. Just fantastic! Smoothies are so smooth, the Vitamix makes short work of everything, even hard vegetables and nuts. Use it everyday for smoothies, porridge, soups, sauces, dressings, dips and more. Love that the jug is so light and it's easy to clean. A worthwhile investment. Love the package, too - great way to save money on accessories like the dry jug.

Posted by Keryn Morrison on 29th Jan 2014

5 star ratingChop, blend, wash all in minutes.

Love the Vitamix 5200. So easy to use and clean afterwards. No waste food - all the nutrients go into the mix. Stuck to the manual so far. Going to start experimenting with my own recipes soon.

Posted by Karon Flannery on 15th Jan 2014

5 star ratingI love it!

I've used it everyday, sometimes twice a day. Wish I'd bought it long ago. Have never eaten so much raw greenery in my life. I even blend the fruit scraps/skins and use them in my compost......Thanks Kylie for educating me in this

Posted by Sharon R on 13th Jan 2014

5 star ratingFantastic

My new vitamix is fantastic! Every food I put into it becomes a smooth mixture within 5-20 seconds of blending. I am amazed at how much time i save on food preparation and cleaning. I'm not a fan of washing up, so the vitamix is perfect. All I have to do is put water and detergent into it, turn it on and it cleans itself! I ate a very healthy diet before buying a vitamix, but now i am amazed at how many more vegetables i am able to fit into my diet just by adding them to my morning breakfast green smoothie. After 3 weeks of using my vitamix, I feel extremely healthy and my whole family is enjoying the benefits and of a raw food diet.

Posted by lisa on 10th Jan 2014

5 star ratingLove The Vitamix

The Vitamix and accompanying books and DVDs are just fantastic. From day 1 of receiving the Vitamix I have blended anything that doesn't move and feel so much better for it. My body doesn't know what to do with all these nutrients invading my every being. Love it!

Posted by Neri on 13th Dec 2013

5 star ratingLove my vitamix

The vitamix is absolutely wonderful , easy to use easy to clean and does everything I need it to do and more.

Posted by Bev on 22nd Oct 2013

5 star ratingSo impressed!

Oh my goodness! What an amazing addition to our lives. I can't believe what a difference this has made to our daily smoothie routine and I am loving the versatility of my Vitamix. I researched for weeks before finally making the decision to purchase a Vitamix and have to say I couldn't be happier with my choice of blender. Thanks Raw Blend.

Posted by Linda on 15th Oct 2013

5 star ratingBest kitchen purchase I have made!

I purchased the Vitamix Super Deluxe Package in September 2013 and I have used my Vitamix Pro 500 everyday. The pre-programmed functionality makes it easy to use and quick to clean. Everything I have made in it has been delicious. I am feeling healthier and have more energy now that nutritious breakfast smoothies have become part of my daily routine. Thank you Raw Blend for the quick delivery and excellent customer service. A fantastic product - highly recommended!!!

Posted by AngelaH on 8th Oct 2013

5 star ratingAbsolutely Love It

I'm absolutely LOVING my Vitamix. Morning, lunch & dinner I make amazing fresh healthy fruit & veggie smoothies using veggies that I thought I could never eat raw and combine with fruits. Raw hot soups, raw cakes, fresh coffee from coffee beans and next to make almond milk and nut butter- cant wait. So quick and easy to operate and clean. A fantastic machine nicely displayed on my kitchen bench, not like other appliance placed away it the cupboard. Money well spent, highly recommend it! Thanks Raw Blend

Posted by Mary on 3rd Sep 2013

5 star ratingBest money I've ever spent on a kitchen appliance

The juice is the best I've ever drank. I juice my vege's in the morning and it includes a variety of vege's: carrot, celery, tomato, onion, beetroot, spinach leaves and ginger. Once I figured out the importance of blending for a minute I have enjoyed the best juice ever. In the afternoon I have a fruit juice which consists of heaps of fruit and the flavour is to die for. This is the best purchase I have ever made, I now have healthy drinks daily and feel sooooo much better for it. I RECOMMEND EVERY HOME HAS ONE

Posted by Diane on 30th Aug 2013

5 star ratingLife Changing Vitamix

This machine is fantastic! It has totally revolutionised the way we process and consume our fruit and vegetables. It is so incredibly powerful and makes light work of any fruit and/or vegetable combination you throw at it. It has bought new meaning to the word smoothie as all the smoothies I've made in it really have been smooth, not like the "lumps" that my previous blender produced. I absolutely LOVE it! The service from RAW BLEND was fantastic and my Vitamix arrived within 3 days. Well worth the initial investment.

Posted by Mish on 20th Aug 2013

5 star ratingAwesome

Amazing product - well worth the investment. So grateful for the freebies thrown in as well. I use it everyday, awesome for smoothies and raw vegan treats!

Posted by Lucie on 16th Aug 2013

5 star ratingWould never live without one

I love my vitamix it is so versatile, it can do so many things. Love the recipe book and creating healthy juices for my family. I would never live without one again.

Posted by Tess Barnes on 14th Aug 2013

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