Tube Feeding

Vitamix Blenders are world renowned as the best blenders for Tube Feeding as they will pulverise food so finely that it won’t clog up feeding tubes. You can literally blend a cooked steak and vegetables with some water to a very fine consistency, and pour it directly into a feeding tube.

We have sold many Vitamix Blenders over the past 25 years to tube feeding customers and have provided some useful links and testimonials below.

The late Eric Aadhaar O’Gorman (peg fed, loved using his Vitamix, and author of the book ‘Complete Tubefeeding‘) created both the following sites which have some great information to get started with your tube feeding / blenderized diets research.

Tube Feeding Testimonials

Eric Aadhaar O’Gorman. Northam, WA

' 5 Stars

Dear Raw Blend,

I bought my Vitamix from Raw Blend over 6 months ago now and received simply great service. Since that time the machine has performed flawlessly, and mine gets worked quite hard – I only eat through a tube and many of the blends I make up have tough raw items in them. I love that I don’t even have to cut up a sweet potato to blend it up!

When I decided to get into a blenderized diet I researched all the options available and the Vitamix came up trumps in every department. Little things can make a big difference. It’s so easy to clean – it cleans itself. The switches are robust and the analog dial is so much better than pressing buttons and having to run a whole program like you do with some other blenders. It’s so obviously well-made, and made to last; even the little rubber feet are good quality heavy-duty items. But really the things I love most about it are ease of use, and the end product. I just toss in everything I want for my blend, no special preparation involved, ramp up the power, give it a couple of minutes, and I get a perfectly smooth mixture ready to use. Even hard little seeds like flaxseed don’t stand a chance. I haven’t clogged my tube with a blend yet!

If my Vitamix ever does die, like if it got hit by a piece of hurtling space junk or a truck or something, I’d not hesitate in buying another from Raw Blend. In red this time, now that it’s available.

Paul Copeland, on behalf of Grant the Champ. Lilydale, VIC

' 5 Stars

(Below is an extract of a testimony on how the Vitamix has helped ‘Grant the Champ’ so wonderfully)

Hello Raw Blend,

Grant has benefited wonderfully with being fed blended meals via the Vitamix.

Just after Grant’s birth he was diagnosed with infantile myoclonic epilepsy with developmental delay; an extremely serious form of brain injury. The senior neurologist at the children’s hospital said that Grant was the worst case, level of brain injury that he had ever seen. He gave Grant from one to two years life expectancy.

When Grant was about 11 years old, his paediatrician suggested that Grant needed to be PEG fed. Grant had the operation and we started feeding him tinned formulas via the PEG. During this time we noticed that Grant’s bowel movements were still not particularly good. About 3 years ago, a psychologist suggested that we start feeding Grant blended meals. Very slowly over a period of approximately 4 months we weaned Grant off the formula over to homemade blended meals, with the psychologist closely monitoring.

We noticed remarkable improvements with Vitamix feeding and wonderful improvements in Grant’s well being when he started having homemade meals. When Grant started the blended diet he went for 7 weeks without any major seizures, his bowel movements became regular/normal and he now almost never became clammy and sweaty. We love preparing wholesome meals for Grant. It is something that we can do for him which is so beneficial.

Michelle & Greg

' 5 Stars

My husband had throat cancer and needed pureed foods and had a feeding tube for 4 months. The Vitamix, I believe, was a life saver! A friend had bought it for us. My husband, Greg, could get good organic food in him to do all the repair work his body needed in an easy way. Now, he is clean, healthy and continues to make power drinks every day!

My husband continues to amaze the doctors of his speedy recovery. Greg’s body has been built back up in such a strong way that he’s healthier than he was before he got sick.

I like being able to use the whole foods in its raw state, thereby getting all the fiber, nutrients and enzymes to improve and enhance our health. The Vitamix saved me time – I work many hours and being able to literally throw the food in the machine and flip a switch was great! I’m a real advocate of your machine and we’ve sold many people on the machine. I’ve given many recipes out to people that own it and have given mini classes on it.


' 5 Stars

One day during my chemo treatments, my doctor leaned over and smirked at me saying, “I don’t know what you’re doing, keep doing it!” I attribute my incredibly fast recovery and good health, to my wife Michelle research on nutrition and the Vitamix’s capability to process the foods for us.

When I began my Chemo treatments all I could ingest was Ensure, because until we got the Vitamix my feeding tube kept getting clogged. The Vitamix allowed me to begin eating whole foods again. The Vitamix also helped me while I relearned how to swallow.