Which Vitamix Blender to buy for my Cafe or Business?
27 Aug

Which Vitamix Blender to buy for my Cafe or Business?

I often get asked which “Vitamix should I buy for my café or restaurant?” There is a range of Vitamix commercial blenders available for business use and I agree it can be a quite confusing picking the right model for your business. Many big brands worldwide rely on Vitamix for Business Blenders every single day including: Starbucks Coffee, Boost Juice, Gloria Jeans, McDonalds + many more.

There is a split division between Vitamix for Home and Vitamix for Business Blenders as they offer different features and warranties. It is not recommended to purchase a Vitamix for Home unit for your business as your warranty is void if used in a commercial environment. Likewise it’s not recommended to purchase a Vitamix for Business Blender for home use, as the Home Blenders will perform just as smooth a blend (the components consist of the same quality materials) and will do the job that is required. All Vitamix Blender Models are exceptional blenders and will all perform a very smooth, consistent blend.


Vitamix for Business Blenders are split into 2 sections ‘Beverage Blenders’ & ‘Food Preparation Blenders.’ If you require a Vitamix strictly for making beverages (eg. smoothies, frappes, icy drinks) then a ‘Beverage Blender’ will suit your business best. However, if you require a Vitamix for chopping vegetables, making hot soups, sauces, nut milks & butters etc. you would be best suited with a ‘Food Preparation’ Blender. A ‘Beverage Blender’ is going to be best suited for front of house (e.g. serving customers smoothies) whilst a ‘Food Preparation Blender’ is going to be best suited to back of house (e.g. for chefs preparing sauces, nut butters or bliss balls).

Here is the list of Vitamix Beverage Blenders with links to Product Specifications and Pricing (listed in ascending price & features):

  • Drink Machine 2 Speed (entry level blender for cafe, 2HP)
  • Bar Boss (perfect for bars, frozen drinks & pureed cocktail bases, 2HP)
  • Drink Machine Advance (ideal for cafe/smoothie bar where sound/noise is no issue, 2HP, 6 preset timer functions)
  • T&G2 Blending Station (sound enclosure, 2HP, 34 optimised programs, available in counter or on counter)
  • The Quiet One (top of the line, very quiet sound enclosure, 3HP, 34 optimised programs, available in counter or on counter)
  • Portion Blending System Advance (high volumes of frozen drinks are no match for the ice-portioning blending system, 2HP, 19 Litre Ice Bin)

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Here is the list of Food Preparation Blenders with links to Product Specifications and Pricing:

  • Vita Prep 3 (offering extreme power and versatility for new menu creation and accelerated prep times, 3HP)
  • Vitamix XL (create mass quantities and improve staff efficiency with this massive 5.4L container and 4.2HP motor)


My favourite Vitamix ‘Beverage Blenders’ and the units I usually recommend for cafes/smoothie bars are the Drink Machine Advance and The Quiet One. For ‘Food Preparation’ you can’t go wrong with the chosen & proven blender by chefs worldwide – the Vita Prep 3.

Our Vitamix for Business online pricing is always very competitive however, if you find a cheaper advertised price we will beat it. Also, if you’re ordering multiple units/containers for your business please be sure to contact our office for the best price possible. We are the original Australian Vitamix Dealers and are always happy to serve you the best we can and offer you unparalleled customer service.

Extra Vitamix Containers are available for purchase if required, most smoothies bars will purchase 2-4 containers for each Beverage Blender purchased. A handy tool in your cafe or smoothie bar for quickly and efficiently cleaning Vitamix Containers is the Rinse O Matic (see image below). Another handy accessory is the Vitamix Container Brush which is ideal for tougher to clean containers which may have been left sitting dirty for some time.


For a bit of fun I filmed a video making the ‘Worlds Biggest Green Smoothie’ using the Vitamix XL. To check out the video and the Vitamix XL in action please click below. That’s a whole lot of green smoothie! Yummmmmmmmmmmm!

Happy Blending!

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  1. Hi,

    Great site! When making a raw Soup, how long can it last in the fridge – if it is keept in the fridge straight after preparing?

    All my best,


    1. Hi Louise! Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I usually keep my soups in the fridge for no longer than 48 hours (always tastes better fresh and the nutritional content is better too). Otherwise you can freeze them. Happy Blending!

  2. Hey Tommy Nicholas,
    great article I really enjoyed reading it and I agree, choosing which vitamix to buy can be very confusing mission, and it is very important to know the difference between a model that can be good for a business or for home use.
    I also really liked the video recipe of the green smoothie 🙂 great resource!

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