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Vitamix - A Great Investment

Good for your health and your pocket!

Your Vitamix® machine helps you save food and money

No need to buy expensive supplements as you'll get all the necessary nutrients from whole food juices made in your Vitamix® machine.

You'll be healthier so less likely to have to shell out for prescriptions and other healthcare products.

It's the only kitchen appliance you need, so don't waste money on individual mixers, blenders and juicers – simply pay once for your Vitamix® machine.

An end to expensive supplements

The meals we eat are meant to provide us with all the nutrients that our bodies need to function and stay healthy. However, much of what we discard from fresh fruit and vegetables contains the highest concentration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. That's why we end up taking expensive supplements to compensate for the important nutrients that we throw away.

Don't waste up to 70% of your food

Unlike a juicer - which can get rid of as much as 70% of the nutritional benefit (and money spent) - there is almost no waste from a Vitamix® machine. For example, an apple's seeds and skin provide a high percentage of the fruit's nutritional benefit. The Vitamix® machine is the only kitchen appliance that breaks down the cell walls to provide the full benefit of nutrients in a whole food juice.


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