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Glass Straws are growing ever more popular today for many reasons. Not only are they better for your health and our Earth, being made from safe materials that are reusable, but they are also fun and add a quirky and personal touch to your glassware at home. Raw Blends Glass Straws come in an assorted range of colours and designs – in particular we love our Designer Range which is an absolutely fun and unique way to add colour and personality to your décor.

Why buy Glass Straws?

Are you environmentally conscious and looking for a reuseable alternative to plastic straws? Do you avoid BPAs often found in plastics? If so then you are going to love our new Raw Blend Designer Glass Straws. These beautiful Designer Glass Straws are carefully hand crafted in Colorado, USA by the Moxie Glass Company. These quality glass straws are made from Pyrex, which is 6 times stronger than ordinary glass. We offer a beautiful range of designer straws but also offer a range of plain coloured glass straws and clear glass straws in bent and straight designs.

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