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  1. Vitamix Warranty
  2. Tribest Warranty (Sedona, Greenstar, Freshlife, Zstar)
  3. Eco Vessel Warranty


Vitamix Warranty

Register your Vitamix online at:

Your Vitamix comes with a HUGE 7 YEAR WARRANTY!When you invest in a Vitamix, you are getting a high-performing, long-lasting, user-friendly appliance available along with a warranty that has met its match.

For Vitamix Warranty & Repair Information see here:


Tribest Warranty

Register your Tribest Product online at:

Your Tribest product is backed by the HUGE WARRANTY outlined below. When you invest in a Tribest product you are purchasing a high quality, long lasting, innovative appliance designed for healthy lifestyles.

Tribest Product Description Warranty Length (Household) Warranty Length (Commercial)
Greenstar Elite 5000 5 Years 6 months
Sedona Classic Dehydrator 5 Years 6 months
Sedona Combo Dehydrator 5 Years 6 months
Sedona Express Dehydrator 5 Years 6 months
Freshlife Manual Sprouter 1 Year N/A
Zstar Manual Juicer 1 Year N/A

If required there are Tribest Service Centres in all major capital cities. For all service enquires please contact Raw Blend (the exclusive Australian Tribest importers) directly on 07 3376 7630 or

  • Product Registration. Raw Blend Pty Ltd (“Raw Blend”) strongly encourages you to register your purchase online at Failure to register your product purchase will not diminish your warranty rights. However, you will require proof of purchase and registering your purchase will allow Raw Blend to better serve you with any of your customer service needs.
  • Who Can Seek Warranty Coverage. This Guarantee is extended by Raw Blend to the owner of this Tribest Product for personal household use only. This Guarantee does not apply to Tribest Products used for commercial, rental or re-sale purposes. Should ownership of the machine change during the warranty period, please update the products owner information by emailing our customer service department at
  • What is Covered. Raw Blend warrants to the owner that if this Tribest product fails within the warranty length (see warranty lengths for Tribest Products in table above) of the initial purchase due to a defect in material or workmanship or as a result of normal wear and tear from ordinary household (domestic) use, Raw Blend will, within 30 days of receipt of the returned product, repair the failed Tribest Product or component part of the Tribest Product free of charge. If, in Raw Blend's sole discretion, the failed Tribest Product or component part of the Tribest Product cannot be repaired, Raw Blend will elect to either (A) replace the Tribest Product free of charge or (B) refund the full purchase price to the owner. The Tribest Product may contain re-manufactured or re-conditioned parts, which is equivalent to new in performance or may have been subjected to incidental use.
  • What is Not Covered. This Guarantee does not cover any associated shipping costs to and from the designated Service Centre (there is a service centre in every major capital city) and does not apply to any Tribest Products that have been used commercially or in non-household (non-domestic) applications. This Guarantee does not apply to: (a) defects resulting from the failure to operate the Tribest Product in accordance with the product manual, (b) the use of parts or supplies not provided or authorized by Tribest/Raw Blend, (c) negligent, improper or inadequate maintenance, (d) tampering, misuse or unauthorized modification of the Tribest Product, (e) servicing performed or attempted by unauthorized service person(s).
  • What Voids this Warranty. Abuse, misuse, negligent use, alteration of the Tribest Product, exposure to abnormal or extreme conditions, or failure to follow the operating instructions will void this Guarantee. The Guarantee is also void if repairs to the Tribest Product or any component part of the Tribest Product are performed by someone other than either Raw Blend or an authorized Raw Blend Service Provider.
  • RAW BLEND MAKES NO OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OR CONDITION WHETHER WRITTEN OR ORAL. In the event that such limitation or exclusion on the duration of an implied warranty is not allowed in the state wherein you reside, the above limitation or exclusion will not apply. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and protection, and you might also have other rights that vary from state to state.
  • How to Have Your Tribest Product Serviced/Repaired Under This Warranty. In the event that the Tribest Product or any component part of the Tribest Product needs service or repair, you must contact us by email at or by phone at 07 3376 7630 to obtain a Repair Authorisation number and detailed instructions. If you are required to ship your product to a service centre please package the entire unit in the original or sufficient packaging, along with your Repair Authorisation number and proof of purchase. We will then process your claim accordingly.
  • In no event will Raw Blend be liable for any lost goods during transit to a service centre or damaged goods due to insufficient packaging. We strongly recommend taking out shipping insurance if shipping your product to a service centre, as Raw Blend will not be liable for any lost goods.

PLEASE NOTE: It is essential that the Tribest Product Registration be received by Raw Blend no later than the last day of the Guarantee period. Late claims will not be considered.

PLEASE NOTE: Raw Blend is not responsible for servicing any Tribest products sold prior to December 2016. For servicing of products purchased prior to December 2016 please contact Raw Pleasure (the previous Australian Tribest importer).

Any repaired or replaced Tribest products will be guaranteed on these terms for the unexpired portion of this Guarantee.

This Guarantee is for the benefit of you, the purchaser. No benefits may be given to any third party, except through a valid transfer by private sale to another person for household use of the product during the period of operation of this Guarantee.

This Guarantee does not confer any rights other than those expressly set out above and does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage.

A written copy of this Guarantee can be obtained by contacting us on the details below.

This Guarantee applies to products purchased from an authorized Raw Blend retailer of Australia.

This Guarantee is honoured directly through Raw Blend Pty Ltd. In the event that you have any questions concerning the use and care for your Tribest Product or concerning service, please contact us at:

Raw Blend Pty Ltd
Unit 10, 176 Bluestone Circuit
Seventeen Mile Rocks 4073
Queensland Australia
Ph: +61 (0) 7 3376 7630

Eco Vessel Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty (no need to register)

Your satisfaction is our priority and we are dedicated to our products, and to you. Eco Vessel products and accessories are crafted with the utmost care to ensure that they meet your needs and live up to your standards, but we understand that sometimes things don't go as planned. That's why all of our products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Eco Vessel warranties its bottles and containers against manufacturing defects for their lifetime. Straps, handles, strainers, infusers, tops and silicone bases are warrantied for one year from time of purchase. Spouts and inner straws are warrantied for 90 days.

Exclusions: scratches, dents, peeling or chipping paint, damage caused by falls, drops or putting in a dishwasher, freezer or caused by ordinary wear and tear.

For warranty issues, please contact customer service at or +61 (0) 7 3376 7630. Please be sure to include a written description of the issue and an image if possible, your contact info and address to send the replacement to, and order number or proof purchase. In lieu of having you send the product back to us there may be a shipping charge incurred to cover the cost of shipping your replacement.

If the problem was caused by a manufacturer's defect, we will promptly send you a replacement. If your exact product is no longer available, we will replace it with the closest replacement possible. This Guarantee is honoured in Australia and New Zealand directly through Raw Blend Pty Ltd on behalf of EcoVessel USA. In the event that you have any questions concerning the use and care for your Eco Vessel Products, please contact us at:

Raw Blend Pty Ltd
Unit 10, 176 Bluestone Circuit
Seventeen Mile Rocks 4073
Queensland Australia
Ph: +61 (0) 7 3376 7630


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