Our Story

We are a whole-hearted Australian family owned & operated business who live and breathe healthy products and healthy recipes. We are passionate about improving people’s vitality and wellness by offering quality health products and simple delicious recipes that can easily be adapted into your daily routine.

We are the Original Australian Vitamix Dealers and offer a range of quality health products including Blenders, Juicers, Food Dehydrators, Hydration Equipment and Raw Food Kitchen Tools – we can help diversify your kitchen and improve your health and lifestyle.

We manufacture our own range of trending health products and are proud to represent some amazing international brands including Vitamix, Tribest, EcoVessel, U-Konserve, GreenstarSedona and Sproutman.

On our website you will find a huge database of useful information including recipes, videos, inspiration and tips all shared through our BLOG ‘A Healthy Mix for Life.’ Be sure to check out our YouTube channel and social media pages where we share all our amazing content.

Our Beginnings

Our journey began in 1995 as a side business for our founder Tom Nicholas who is a builder by trade.

Tom has always been very conscious of eating healthy, which stems from his childhood, as Tom was raised only on fresh fruit and vegetables as his father owned a fruit shop in Melbourne. Tom first saw the amazing Vitamix machine by pure coincidence at a home trade fair in Houston, Texas in 1995. Tom immediately realised Vitamix’s amazing health benefits and quickly raced a unit back to his wife Leah and son Tommy in Australia, where they began selling Vitamix soon after.

You may have seen Tommy junior demonstrating Vitamix on one of many TV appearances. You may even be lucky enough to catch Tom or Tommy demonstrating health products at one of many Trade Shows Australia-wide each year.

Our Mission

The Raw Blend Family Philosophy is about creating ‘A Healthy Mix for Life.’ We are dedicated to improving your health and wellness by learning, sharing and inspiring you to create and make healthier choices at home.

We believe that happiness and health starts on the inside, so we have created a space to help inspire you to do just that – ‘A Healthy Mix for Life’ BLOG.

Our Raw Blend Rockstars and Special Guests are on a mission to help inspire and motivate you, our Raw Blend Community – to achieve your goals. You don’t have to be a dedicated Raw Foodie, Vegan or health fanatic to join our community. You simply need a desire to make healthier choices and a desire to live your best life possible.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Raw Blend Community and start creating your own ‘Healthy Mix for Life’ today!

Vitamix Corporation History

A family-owned and operated business, Vitamix has been in operation nearly 90 years. Since the company’s beginning in 1921, the popularity of Vitamix has spread to more than 100 countries and is now the preferred brand of blending equipment for cooking enthusiasts, health and nutrition experts and some of the finest chefs around the globe.

Vitamix began Ohio, USA in 1921 when William Grover Barnard, affectionately known as “Papa” was facing challenging economic times that would soon lead to the Great Depression. It was by helping a friend through his illness that he began connecting the value of whole-food nutrition to health and well-being. This ignited a passion in his heart and the traveling kitchen products salesman changed his business name to “The Natural Food Institute” and soon became a pioneer in the health food industry, studying and teaching people everything he knew about food and health.

In 1937, Papa was introduced to a new product, the blender. He immediately saw the value of blending to quickly and easily prepare healthy foods that taste delicious. He focused his attention on cultivating this new product, which his brother named the “Vita-Mix,” because “vita” means life.

In 1949, Papa elevated his live demonstrations to a national stage by creating the nation’s first infomercial. Shortly after he passed the company down to his son, who shared his beliefs on nutrition and was determined to make healthy food preparation even easier and more delicious. The Vitamix blender became more powerful and versatile than any other product on the market and in 1969 became the first blender that could make hot soup, blend ice cream, grind grain, and knead bread dough.
(Photo below: Vitamix Founder, Papa Banard)

Thirty years later the company was passed down another generation to brothers John and Grover Barnard who used their engineering backgrounds to make significant improvements in performance and durability. In 1985, they developed the first Vitamix commercial blender, establishing Vitamix us as the first high-performance blender in the foodservice industry.

Both the commercial and household machines are still built at the world headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio and while the company continues to grow it remains firmly focused on the importance of quality and customer service.

Many of the lessons learned along the way are still with us today. We continue to persevere to create the highest-quality product through customer input and advanced technology. We are steadfast in creating a better future through family values and healthy, delicious food. And we are committed to improving the vitality of people’s lives.

What Papa Barnard realized decades ago is now common knowledge: the world can be a healthier and better place through whole-food nutrition. It is not just our torch, it is a passion held by many. We encourage you to join us in changing the way the world thinks about food and together we can make a bigger difference.

Vitamix will remain true to its mission: To be the Best Blending Equipment Company in The World.

Click below to see Papa Barnard’s first ever Vitamix Demonstration in 1949.

Tribest Corporation History

Tribest Corporation (based in Anaheim CA USA), has a long 30 year reputation of making high quality products that will energize your life. Tribest is an innovative leader in the Juice Extractor, Food Dehydrator, Blender and Sprouter business and continues to bring new health products to market, with the health and wellness of their customers in mind. Some of their most renowned products include the Green Star Elite Juicer and Sedona Rawfood Dehydrators.

Tribest believe that everyone should have the right and be empowered to make healthy living decisions. Tribest products make healthy living easy.

Worldwide Reputation

Tribest brands are sold and recognized worldwide and their products have gained a solid reputation of providing the latest developments in natural health. Tribest Greenstar juice extractors are reputably the world’s finest juicers, and continue to win numerous international awards. The Tribest Personal Blender was also the first of its type to enter into the United States market and has started the emergence of a new kitchen electrics subcategory – the single serving blender. Tribest continually introduces new products internationally that deliver uncompromising quality and new levels of performance.

EcoVessel History

EcoVessel create premium hydration vessels and food containers that maintain the optimal temperature while reducing dependence on single use plastics. Product ideas and inspiration come from EcoVessel’s dedicated staff and loyal customer base.

EcoVessel is based in Boulder, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Jon Fox started EcoVessel in 2009 in response to the safety and environmental concerns that arose from the use of plastic water bottles. After realizing the lack of quality reusable bottle options available for him and his family, EcoVessel was formed. Innovation and creativity have been part of Eco Vessel’s DNA since the beginning and their signature TriMax™ triple insulated hydration vessels have been independently tested to outperform their competitors.

In 2021 we proudly merged with U-Konserve, a Sausalito Californian company that is the pioneer of quality eco-friendly stainless steel food storage containers. U-Konserve was founded by two friends who believe that small changes can have a huge impact on the global movement to protect our planet.
As a Certified B Corporation and member of 1% for the Planet, U-Konserve is using business for good by creating a positive impact on their employees, their communities and the environment. U-Konserve’s initial mission to protect the planet has grown into a lifestyle of reusing more, wasting less, and raising awareness about the exciting and growing movement to reduce single-use plastic.