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Healthy smoothies, shakes, and smoothie bowls are extremely popular right now, and can make for a fast, easy meal, snack, or pick me up. With the surging popularity of the raw foods and superfoods movements, investing in a quality Vitamix blender in Australia is something almost all fitness enthusiasts are doing. Those who buy a Vitamix blender generally use it to create delicious, nutrient-packed smoothies and shakes, but have found many more creative ways to take advantage of their Vitamix Blender.

What Can a Vitamix Blender Do?

Creating tasty, healthy smoothies is something most health advocates in Australia are doing now, with the aid of the Vitamix blender. A Vitamix blender makes it simple to easy chop, crush, and pulverise various fruits and vegetables so that your finished product is smooth, evenly distributed, and well mixed.

Vitamix blenders in Australia are often used to create smoothies or smoothie bowls, often with frozen banana, nut milk, yogurt, or avocado bases. From there, a mixture of greens (spinach, kale, broccoli, etc) can be added, as well as other fruits for flavouring (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple, etc). Adding hemp hearts, chia seeds, and other nutrient rich add-ins is also an option. Powders and mixes like cacao and acai powder are also delicious additions to any smoothie. Drinks can be taken to go, while smoothie bowls can be further decorated with granola, fruit slices, cacao nibs, and more!

A Vitamix blender can be utilised for far more than smoothies, though. A Vitamix is the perfect way to mix cookie and other baking dough, smooth out hummus recipes, make dairy-free ice cream, and mix homemade soups and sauces. When you buy a Vitamix blender, you’ll quickly realize the unlimited potential it contains.

Where to Buy a Certified Vitamix Blender in Australia

As with any name brand product, there are often many knock-off and counterfeit designs on the market of lesser quality. Buying a Vitamix that will last and offer you nutritional benefits is important, so be sure to trust only qualified Vitamix resellers.

Raw Blend is an Australian based blending company who is an original dealer for the Vitamix blenders within Australia. Raw Blend offers a variety of products in addition to the Vitamix, such as raw foods, superfoods, tools, and other helpful tips to help you mix up your cooking routine. Raw Blend also has an online blog with helpful raw eating tips, recipes, and other content, all focused on healthy living.

If you have been considering buying a Vitamix blender, look into purchasing one from Raw Blend, the original distributor for Vitamix in Australia. Raw Blend can also help provide you with delicious mixtures and recipes for smoothie creations, as well as offer encouraging health and fitness advice along the way. To watch a video demonstrating the Vitamix blender’s features or to start your purchase, visit the Raw Blend website at http://www.rawblend.com.au.

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