Vitamix Commercial Blenders

Vitamix Blenders for Commercial Use

Raw Blend has the largest selection of professional Vitamix Blenders in Australia designed specifically for use in commercial environments such as cafes, restaurants and catering set ups.

Vitamix Beverage Blenders are used in over 100,000 commercial outlets worldwide. Specifically designed for use in Cafes, Juice Bars, Coffee Shops and Restaurants where the demand is high for superior quality smoothies, juices, milkshakes and frappes all day, every day!

Vitamix 3HP commercial machines are designed to be used under a significantly higher daily cycle count and heavier loads. Some of the many Franchises who trust and rely on Vitamix every day are: popular juice bars, coffee and major fast food chains. Vitamix commercial blenders offer unparalleled quality, performance and durability.

The Best Commercial Blender In Australia

Your search for the best commercial blender in Australia should start with any Vitamix For Business Blender. The experts at Raw Blend can help you determine which Vitamix blender is for you. Read this informative Blog by Raw Blend: ‘Which Vitamix Blender to buy for my Cafe or Buiness?’ or call customer service on 07 3376 7630.

There is no doubt that Vitamix blenders are the best in the world. You can choose from Vitamix Beverage Blenders or Food Preparation Blenders, you can also purchase additional containers and cleaning accessories for Vitamix commercial blenders. If you are looking for a commercial quality blender for home then look no futher, Vitamix uses all the same commercial quality components when manufacturing thier Home Blenders.

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