Kale & Zucchini Chips Submitted by Claire Walters - Raw Blend

Kale & Zucchini Chips

These Kale & Zucchini chips are the perfect treat to whip up for a delicious and healthy snack. Super easy to make in your Sedona Dehydrator.


  • kale (as much as you want)
  • zucchini (as much as you want)


  1. Wash both your Kale and Zucchini really well.
  2. Rip up your Kale into bite sized pieces and chop your Zucchini about 1/2cm thick.
  3. Marinate your veggies however you like. Salt and pepper with a bit of lemon juice is a nice simple idea. I have used a Nutritional Yeast marinade in this video.
  4. Place your veggies onto your Mesh Trays and make sure you line the bottom of the dehydrator with either your solid divider tray or some baking paper to catch any drips.
  5. Dehydrate on HIGH for around 1 hour and then dehydrate on 43 degrees celsius for around 12 hours or until your veggies have reached your desired consistency.
  6. Take out and let cool and serve by themselves or with a dip.
  7. Store them in a cool airtight container away from any humidity.

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