Is Vitamix worth it?
14 Jun

Is Vitamix worth it?

A short history of the Vitamix

Vitamix this year celebrates its 100 Year Anniversary of providing the highest quality blenders worldwide for household and commercial use. A fourth generation family business, based in Cleveland Ohio USA, Vitamix has been helping to improve the vitality of people’s lives for over a century.

Vitamix was founded in 1921, by William Grover Barnard, affectionately known as “Papa Barnard,” he started a company selling household products through demonstration. Papa finds early success selling the 25-cent Polly Can Opener, which gave people safer and easier access to healthy foods year-round. In 1936 the first Vita-Mix is created and marketed as an easy way to make nutritious whole foods taste great, it sold for $11.95.

Years later in 1949 Vitamix invented the infomercial, Bill Barnard convinces his father to air a first-of-its-kind, half-hour infomercial over WEWS in Cleveland. They needed to sell 18 Vita-Mix Machines to break even on the ad cost. That night, they sold more than 400 units.

Vitamix blender founder

Is Vitamix worth it?

We get asked this question a lot, and the simple answer is YES. There is an old saying “You get what you pay for” and this couldn’t ring truer for Vitamix, which is world renowned for it’s high performance, quality, durability and helping to improves ones health and wellness. Vitamix are in the business of building dependable, not disposable. Vitamix is not like a smart phone you have to replace every few years, Vitamix is engineered to last a lifetime.

It’s no coincidence Vitamix is used in over 110,000 commercial outlets worldwide including smoothies bars, coffee shops and restaurants, and that Vitamix is the most trusted brand globally by chefs and has been featured on Masterchef in Australia for many seasons.

Australian Master Chef features a Vitamix blender


When I was demonstrating Vitamix at a trade show over 10 years ago, a wise old man who had purchased a Vitamix many years earlier said to me “You will forget about the price… but you will never forget about the quality.” This saying has really stuck with me over the years and holds true with Vitamix to this day.

Tommy with a Vitamix blender in the raw Blend kitchen

Vitamix is still manufactured by hand in Cleveland Ohio in the USA, they source and only use the highest quality components, no corners are cut during the development and manufacturing stages, Vitamix really know what they are doing, and Vitamix copy cat blenders out of Asia simply can’t come close in terms of performance, quality and durability.

Vitamix part

So before you consider purchasing a cheaper Vitamix copycat blender, know that there is only one Vitamix. The company they invented high-performance blending, and will be at the forefront of blending technology most likely for centuries to come.  Do yourself a favour and invest a Vitamix, you and your health won’t regret it.

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Happy Blending!