Vitamix Ascent Food Processor Attachment
17 Dec

Vitamix Ascent Food Processor Attachment

We were originally so excited to hear of the release of the Vitamix Ascent Food Processor attachment in the USA as this clever attachment integrates seamlessly with the Ascent Series Blenders. The Food Processor attachment is designed to simplify food prep, so you can spend less time chopping, dicing and slicing, and more time perfecting delicious whole-food meals.

Regrettably, Vitamix recently (mid-2023) conveyed disappointing news that they have no plans to release the food processor attachment in Australia. They cited the manufacturing cost of an Australian version as outweighing the potential profit, making the product financially unviable for the Australian market.

Please be aware that purchasing the Ascent Food Processor Attachment from the USA won’t work with Australian Ascent Series units due to its self-recognizing technology, rendering it incompatible. While some international online sites may offer the product for sale in Australia (e.g., Amazon), please be cautious as it still won’t be compatible with your Australian unit, leading to the need for a return.

Kindly direct your disappointment regarding this matter to Vitamix USA directly, as this decision is beyond our control. We encourage you to voice your concerns to them directly with hope that they may change this decision in the future.

Happy Blending!