Be The Best Version of You!
02 Jan

Be The Best Version of You!

Most of us will have big goals and big dreams for 2015 (don’t we every year?) But did you know that the most important key to succeeding is YOU? Yep… that’s right … Little ol’ you! Think about it … how many super successful, bursting with love, inspiring and motivating people do you know that are sad sacks, sitting on the couch channel surfing, eating bags of potato chips while facebook stalking their old high school flame? Not many, if any … I don’t know anybody!

Beyonce, Tony Robbins, Lorna Jane, Melissa Ambrossini, whoever it may be, on whatever scale, the people that you admire most who are at the top of their game in their chosen field, certainly didn’t get there with an attitude of self-loathing, negative mind frames, poor health habits and zero self-love. These people exercise their minds, their bodies, and their souls to maximise the opportunity for success.


When opportunity for success knocks on your door will you be ready?

Successful people have a can do attitude. They don’t take no for an answer and when there is a will there is away. They have amazing self-belief and surround themselves with like minded people creating an osmosis. Positive energy seems to bounce off them in every which way. They are focused and driven and make positive, thoughtful choices on what will best serve them, their purpose and achieving their ultimate goal. They nourish their bodies with food that energizes, revitalises and heals, fueling their bodies from the inside out. They move their bodies on a regular basis to ensure that they are fit and strong and possess a certain glow of vitality and happiness. They are humbled, they are respectful of others, generous, kind and bursting with love. Sounds pretty darn amazing right?

Here are some tips to have you in tip top shape, mind, body & soul to be the best version of yourself so that when opportunity presents itself, you are more than ready …

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Pump up the positivity!

Positive minds create positive vibes and positive energy and positivity energy attracts positive energy – its science people, I mean really! Fill your world with positive & inspirational quotes to remind you of how amazing you really are and to keep moving forward with your dreams. I have an inspiration board at home where I pin quotes and images of things that inspire me and generate positivity. It helps keep me focused, especially in those times when you feel deflated or like your goals may be out of reach. They are not … keep moving forward. Place these quotes and images everywhere imaginable – they could be on your bathroom mirror, on the kitchen fridge, on your desk at work. Create a space of positivity and love.

like attracts like

Like – attracts like!

If you want to be successful, motivated, inspired and bursting with an abundance of love, light and energy then you need to surround yourself with those type of people. Like attracts like … we are a product of our surroundings. Have you ever been around a particular person that just makes you feel amazing? You cannot wait to hang out because they just generate so much positive energy leaving you feel like you could achieve the impossible! Or have you ever been around someone who makes you feel bad about yourself? Like you’re worthless and undeserving, who has a no can do attitude and always assumes failure and gives you every reason imaginable why you shouldn’t follow your dream? Eliminate these people from your life right now. Have the courage to walk away from a relationship that no longer serves you well. Be kind to yourself – surround yourself with people who believe you can! Who support your dreams and encourage your growth. These are the people you want along-side you as you make your journey to success. These people will help you to succeed.

knock backs

Knock back … no worries!

It’s easy to think that the people we admire had an easy ride to success … they are unknowns then all of sudden we are bombarded with images, stories, interviews … their faces are popping up all over the place and it seems they had overnight success. I am telling you right now this is not the case. Hard work, persistence, preparation and resilience is needed. You will hear no … a lot. You will run into roadblocks and closed doors. You just have to open a window, or build your own damn door. If life gives you lemons … make darn lemonade! Learn to blossom in what feels like a failure or a “knock back”. There are no such things as failures, they are invaluable lessons and a sign that you are trying. Ask yourself what can you learn from this situation? What can I learn about myself? There is always a lesson to learn, often the setbacks are preparing you for the challenges you will face in your successes.


Hocus Focus!

Stay focused on your goals. Set your own intention. The universe knows if you’re serious about achieving your dreams! Ask yourself does this decision best serve my purpose? Will it help me reach my ultimate goal? I’ll lay it on thick for you just in case … if you are wanting to lose some kilos but on your way home you divert through McDonalds drive through, you probably aren’t that serious about achieving your desired result… Lorna Jane didn’t become the number women’s fitness brand inspiring women all over the globe to move, nourish and believe if she didn’t damn do it herself! Focus on your goals, commit to them, stay dedicated towards them and show the universe how hungry and deserving you are. Need some help? Confide in a friend or family member to hold you accountable. These people will help push you when you feel like giving up and encourage you when your almost there. They will also be the ones who will celebrate your successes with you when you get there!

healthy body

Nourish … nom, nom!

The road to success can be a long one, sustaining it can be even longer. Being the best version of yourself doesn’t just involve your attitude. It’s also about how you fuel your body to get through each day. Do you live off takeout because you’re always on the go? Do you just grab the closest and easiest thing to you that lives in a can, a jar or a packet? These not so healthy habits are inhibiting your success. That can of energy drink may appear to serve you well in the short-term enabling you to stay awake while you study but it is causing you more long-term damage than you could possibly imagine. Processed foods, foods jam packed with added sugars and other chemicals can cause a myriad of health issues, not to mention they leave you feeling lethargic, depressed and downright dreadful, which really isn’t going to help you get anywhere. Say no to the cheeseburger and fries and start making smart healthy choices!


Movers & Shakers!

Train your body for success. Just as you train your mind you need to train your bod. As you become more successful in you field of dreams your schedule becomes more demanding so you need to be fighting fit. Work your muscles to become strong and healthy. Your body is your vessel … it takes you everywhere you need to go in life. Exercising also generates those happy endorphins putting you in a positive state of mind. Also, remember to give your body time to heal and regenerate. Try a combination of high intensity workouts with yoga or light stretching and even meditation. Look for new and exciting ways to move your body every day and most importantly REST.


Practice Gratitude for a Beautiful Attitude!

Sometimes focusing so intently on the future can prevent us from being present. Remember that even though you have these beautiful goals and dreams you also have a beautiful life that you are living right now – don’t forget to be present with the people you love to create moments that matter. Focusing on a result or an outcome can often make us feel that until we achieve that outcome we haven’t really succeeded. Not true … celebrate every small success and beautiful moment in your life. Everyday choose at least one thing to be intentionally grateful for. Write it down and see it in front of you. Gratitude can help put things into perspective and it can really help you maintain a positive outlook, giving you an amazing attitude towards life. Not only that … by keeping a gratitude journal, when you reach your goals you can look back at the beautiful things that contributed to your journey to get there. Hello nostalgia!

let it go

Let it go!

Now this one may be a little hard for you to wrap your head around at first when I’ve spent the last ten paragraphs talking about success, goals, focus and intention. But for me this is the most valuable – When I first read it, it hit me like a cold wet fish.

“Be willing to let go of who you think you should be, in order to be who you are.”

Brene Brown

It is important to have a vision … to set yourself goals but don’t become so attached to the outcome that you miss other amazing opportunities that could also change your life for the better. They might even allow you to do what you had always dreamed of but just in a different way that you haven’t imagined yet.

Being the best of version of yourself is having the ability to adapt to change. To live life to the fullest. To make the most of every opportunity that serves your heart well. Detach yourself from the outcome and make the most of the journey. Beautiful things happen when you least expect them … be open to magic, be open to inspiration and be open to the infinite possibilities that life holds. After all … as far as we know you only get one shot at it, make it count.

As 2014 draws to a close, it is like finishing off a chapter in your favourite book. It may have been one full of romance, full of grief, full of obstacles, full of self-discovery. Whatever your 2014 chapter was about, keep writing lovers and fill those beautiful pages!

2015 is unwritten … what will your story be?

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