Featured Friend Interview: Dr. Espen Hjalmby
10 Dec

Featured Friend Interview: Dr. Espen Hjalmby

Dr Espen Hjalmby is a Peak Performance Coach and Wellness Expert.

Using the principles he is known for, Dr Espen Hjalmby went from being malnourished, sick and near-death to being known worldwide as a health guru in under 5 years.

Following a horrific, near-death motorcycle accident where he broke his spine, pelvis and both his legs, he spent the next 3 years in and out of surgeries and wheelchairs after acquiring a life-threatening hospital infection.

After exhausting all medical options only to see his health rapidly declining, Dr Espen decided to take his health into his own hands. He fought for his life through the power of meditation, nutrition and daily yoga practice. While falling in and out of consciousness within the next three weeks, Dr Espen experienced a clear and vivid vision, revealing to him his life’s ultimate purpose.

With his motto “Pressure Makes Diamonds” he fought his way back onto his feet to become one of the original founders of the Bonfire Health Group, building the largest yoga and well-being studios in Australia.

Dr Espen combines a unique brand of presence, certainty and gratitude with heart. His high-energy and enthusiasm quickly made him one of the most sought after inspirational speakers, wellness experts and primary health care physicians worldwide.

Dr Espen’s seminars, programs and coaching sessions use specific actions to target the body, mind and spirit in order to unleash your true innate human potential, allowing you to sculpt the body of your dreams, sharpen your mind and live a truly inspired life!espen-quote-2Firstly, what does creating ‘A Healthy Mix for Life’ mean to you?

For me, creating ‘A Healthy Mix for Life’ means taking control of your health and either making it my top priority, or directly linking it to my top priority in life. It starts with truly believing that health is an absolute must in order for us to life a fulfilled and meaningful life.

It can be as simple as being mindful of what you eat and drink. Remember that what you put in your mouth will either feed or fight disease. Where you take your health is ALWAYS up to YOU. Being healthy is a conscious choice and creating ‘A Healthy Mix for Life’ is just one of the many steps you can take towards creating a mind, body and soul that will thrive as your express the fullness of life.

What does your day on a plate look like and why do you eat the way you do?

I wake up each and every morning with and Attitude of Gratitude. After growing up with a little sister whom was born handicapped and whom has never had the the ability to walk, for me, anything less than being grateful for all my gifts, talents and abilities is not out of the question. I truly believe that everything that happens is ON the way, not IN the way.

I have six small meals a day mostly made up of organic food with my super food shakes in between. I have always been a believer of the concept that if there is a label on your food, then it is probably not supposed to go in your body. Organic produce per weight might seem more expensive, but when we measure it against a nutrient value and bio-avaliability scale, my personal experience is that the benefits far outweigh the cost.

espen quote 2

Living a healthy life doesn’t just mean eating well … how do you keep your mind and body healthy?

Yoga, martial arts and aestetic fitness! These are my favorite rituals. I found yoga following a near-death motorcycle accident that left me wheelchair bound myself some years back. After several surgeries, I was left with a severe hospital induced infection. I know deep in my heart that the power of yoga, meditation, superfoods and exercise gave me my life and my legs back. These rituals have now become my way of life. It reminds me that I am both body, mind and spirit. With this awareness, I take responsibility of my whole being and in the process of cultivating physical, mental and spiritual growth, I dedicate my life to helping others do the same.

Who is your health, wellness or fitness guru and why?

Ooooh, good one!

Health: My patients, clients and anyone else who has overcome challenges and that now use these tools to inspire others!
Fitness: Arnold Schwarzenegger – what did he put his mind to that he did not achieve?
Spiritual and Mentall Wellness: Eckhart Tolle – this man undertands the deeper workings of our phyche and consciouness as a whole. Worth a read!

What is your ONE Super Hero Food that you cannot live without?

Organic Supergreens Powder!

With 9 servings of organic supergreens in one scoop of powder, how could anyone live without it?

It is Super fuel made easy! Alkalize, revitalize and energize though each and every single sip!

espen quote 3

If you could share with the Raw Blend Family one piece of your wisdom what would it be?

My motto ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds.’ is what I used to constantly reminded myself through the horrible accident that nearly cost me my life. I not only fought for breath, I fought for health. I fought my way back to becoming even healthier then what I was before my accident! Why? Because it was worth it.

Sickness for me, what not an option. So if you find yourself struggling to take your health into your own hands, embrace the challenge! Remember that you are only limited by the limitations of your own mind. Don’t buckle under pressure. If you do this – trust me, the rewards are immensely, ridiculously AMAZING.

We are lucky enough to have you share one of your favourite recipes with us, why do you love this recipe?

How To Make The Perfect Protein Shake!
Why? It’s a combination of tasting really good, and being really good for you.

Check out the video for free!

The Perfect Protein Shake

Makes: 750ml – 1L
Serves: 1-2


High powered blender, like a Vitamix or a shaker.


  • 2 scoops Pea Protein
  • 1 cup filtered water
  • 2-3 Tbsp cacao
  • tsp cinnamon
  • tsp Manuka honey
  • 1 cup quinoa milk
  • tsp bee pollen
  • ice


  1. Add 1 cup of filtered water to your blender or shaker.
  2. Add two scoops of your organic Pea Protein, and make magic happen by adding in some flavour. And I don’t just mean any additive — I’m talking about chocolate.
  3. Personally, I like to use cacao. I add it to my protein shake because of its amazing taste and high magnesium content. I’ve been adding Bonfire’s raw, organic Cacao Powder (available in 500g and 250g packs for very affordable prices!) to my daily protein shakes for some time now, and I couldn’t be happier. I often add three spoonfuls of Cacao Powder into my protein shake, and it always tastes magnificent.
  4. I’m also a cinnamon nut myself, so a few sprinkles of it always go into the mix. It tastes wonderful and helps slow down the blood sugar spike. It balances perfectly with Manuka honey, which I always use to add some sweetness and immune system boosting properties. Because of this combination, I experience a slow incline of that beautiful sugar release, instead of a sudden spike and a drop.
  5. I also like to add bee pollen. If you’re not allergic to it, feel free to try. It can be so good for you. You see, as bees travel from from one flower to another, they accumulate a little bit of the nutrients they encounter. Bee pollen has 20%—30% bioavailable protein and is proven to help strengthen your immune system.
  6. For the last ingredient, I prefer raw quinoa milk because I like my protein shake to be nutty You can use almond milk, soy milk or macadamia milk. I just chuck in a glass of raw, organic quinoa milk to create the perfect nutty flavour. And once everything’s added, blend it or shake it. And there you have it — THE BEST PROTEIN SHAKE IN THE WORLD!

Happy Blending!

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